Bucket List – Original

Here is my Bucket List. This list will be updated when things are completed or I come up with new items I want to add. Keep checking back!
  1. Learn to speak Italian
  2. Photograph the Palisades
  3. Complete a 1/2 Marathon  Completed  – 2/24/13 Official Time 2:44:55!
  4. Attend more Ghostfight Improv shows
  5. Visit my friends in San Francisco Completed 4/2013
  6. Ride in a hot air balloonCompleted 2/27/2013

    Photo By Marcosleal
  7. Get to my goal weight
  8. Date a nice guy
  9. Get a stamp in my new passport Completed 5/12/2013
  10. Read the new Charlaine Harris book – Dead Reckoning  Completed – 6/27/11 (Didn’t love it)
  11. Beat Jobin* at Words with Friends (my username is Souzapalooza if anyone else wants to play with me) – Completed – 4/12/11!
  12. Maintain my blog all year Completed April of 2012
  13. Learn to play the organ (since I have one in my home)
  14. Ride a zip line Completed – 9/4/11 at Catamount Adventure Park
  15. Visit the Grand Canyon
  16. Solve a Rubik’s Cube
  17. Own a home

    Photo By Ricardo Liberato
  18. Attend the Opera
  19. See the Egyptian Pyramids
  20. Sit behind home plate, in the on camera section, at a Yankee Game  Sort of completed 8/19/2012
  21. Have a vegetable garden
  22. Go to a Rocky Horror Picture Show Completed – 10/20/13
  23. Ride on a gondala in Venice
  24. Attend the Mermaid Parade in Coney Island Completed – 6/18/11!
  25. Try stand-up comedy
  26. See the Great Wall of China
  27. Get married in Vegas
  28. Win lotto
  29. Go on Safari
  30. Visit the Statue of Liberty
  31. Be a game show contestant, preferably Jeopardy, but I’ll take Wheel of Fortune or Price is Right (especially if it’s the Plinko round!)

    Plinko Board via http://www.priceistightinfo.com
  32. Learn to knit
  33. Ride a Camel in the Desert
  34. Attend Mardi Gras
  35. See an active volcano
  36. Learn to read tarot cards
  37. Visit all 7 continents
  38. Have a ‘day off” in Chicago, Ferris Bueller style (Go to the Art Institiue, Sears Tower, Wrigley Field, a fancy French restaurant, and of course, singing on a parade float!)
  39. Witness the running of the bulls
  40. Watch the changing of the guard at Buckingham Palace  5/15/2012
  41. Learn to make fancy garnishes (like a rose made out of a radish)
  42. Ride a motorcycle
  43. Have one of my photographs hang in a gallery
  44. Get certified in CPR Completed 8/17/11
  45. Crash a wedding Sort of completed – technically I just jumped on the dance floor durring someone’s wedding when we were at Disney for the PHM but I will count it! 2/17/13
  46. Get a copy of The Joy of Painting and try to paint some happy little trees Completed 7/18/11

    Bob Ross from The Joy of Painting
  47. Dine in the dark  Completed 6/2013
  48. Walk over the Brooklyn Bridge Completed 6/21/14
  49. Have dinner at Blue Hill at Stone Barns Restaurant Completed 11/6/11
  50. Go on a Boston Duck Tour
    from buybostontours.com web site



8 thoughts on “Bucket List – Original”

  1. I am in love with your bucket list. I have a website dedicated to “loving” life to the fullest including my bucket list. Would love to stay connected to other adventure buffs. Visit playwiththeworld.net and we can check them off together. 🙂

  2. Your bucket list is great! I like “witness” the running of the bulls. Kelly and I should join you on your “Ferris Bueller” trip. I always wanted to see Chicago. Add learning French to your list for our trip next year.

      1. That’s great news for me. You can share the revamped list, take your time. The idea of bucket list collection is to motivate people. You can motivate other people and yourself with your list 🙂

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