Can’t Knock the Hustle

We have a new guy at work who I enjoy chatting with from time to time. We have some mutual music appreciation and he’s “seeing a gal” from Westchester, so I made a few restaurant / bar recommendations for his visits to her turf. When I caught up with him Monday, he was telling me where they ended up, and of course being the opinionated local that I am, I gave my two cents on this gal’s choices and some future places of interest they should look in to. One of my friends, The Approver, sits in the office next to the new guy and when I stopped in to say hi her, she commented on me chatting it up with him. My response, “Can’t knock the hustle.”

What do I mean? Well, a couple of things…

1) I’m taking the opportunity to practice my delightfully entertaining witty banter on a coworker. It’s always good to practice small talk with everyone you meet;  this way, when you do meet someone who could have some potential for more,  you are bringing your “A game” Is that so wrong?

2) I’m promoting Westchester and some of my favorite spots for him and his gal pal to hit up. They are all places I personally enjoy, so my recommendations are genuine and authentic. They are all places I’d go if I had a man friend who wanted to take me out, or girlfriends who weren’t so busy with life at the moment.  I’m helping to keep my favorite spots in business and I’m keeping him scoring points with great suggestions (cause who doesn’t like a man with a plan, right ladies?)

3) I’m putting positive energy and good karma in to the universe. Rather than sitting back and sulking over what not working in my life and why I don’t have someone with a cute smile to take me out, I’m putting good vibes and energy in to the universe by helping him out. Someday, the universe will reward me for my good deeds.

Like I said, can’t knock the hustle. Something good is going to come from my “hard work”



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