May Flowers Bring Pilgrims

Do you remember that old joke when you were a kid… If April showers bring May flowers, then what to May flowers bring? Pilgrims! 

Welcome to May!

I’ve been MIA the past week because there is so much on my plate this week and quite honestly, I much rather post quality items than trying to pull something together quickly just to get my post count higher. Here are a few things I have to share as we head in to May…

First, a BIG thank you to everyone who donated to the Run for the Wild. I managed to raise $420 for the WCS and the gorillas, so a big thank you to all my supporters! I ran the race in 33:09 which I was pleased with.

#rftw2015 done and $420 raised for Kong's friends! #nikeplus

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Our friends over at the Hudson Valley Etsy Pop-Up Artists are having another event TOMORROW. It is being held at Etui Fabric in Larchmont. Make sure to visit for some great items. Don’t forget that next Sunday is Mother’s Day. This may be a great place to find that perfect unique gift for mom, (like some amazing candles from Petunia’s Corner!)



Lightscapes opens this weekend. SK2 and I are headed out to check out the this year’s set up. Follow me on Instagram (@Souzapalooza79) for some photos from me, and the hashtag #Lightscapes for photos from others.

Monday is Star Wars Day – “May the 4th Be with You”. In honor of the Geek Holiday, I invite you to check out my posts on the Star Wars Half Marathon Weekend’s Expo, 10K, and Half. For anyone thinking about running it in 2016, registration opens on June 16th.

SK2 & I hanging with some of my friends on the Empire's Payroll
SK2 & I hanging with some of my friends on the Empire’s Payroll

For those of you looking to up your fitness game before bathing suit season, The Couch to 5K Blog has a great May Challenge going – Butt, Arms & Core. I’m going to attempt it this month. Check out the details on their blog HERE. I do suggest you start following their blog for a daily reminder of the day’s challenge goals as well as future challenges.


There are a lot of actives that I will be attending this month that I am looking forward to sharing with you, including the Choice Streets Food Truck Festival and the class I’ve been taking at Ripped Fitness in Rye Brook. 

A very special shout out to all my friends who started the 24 Day Challenge! For many who started on 4/20, today is your half way point! Hopefully you are all feeling healthy, strong, and energized, as your are turning the corner in to the home stretch! Keep up the good work!!



6 thoughts on “May Flowers Bring Pilgrims”

  1. Hooray! I love all these events and especially proud of you for the Bronx Zoo run and the $420 you raised for the gorillas!!
    Hooray for May and all the Pilgrims too (I remember that from when I was a kid!)
    Cheers my dear!

    1. Yes, sadly it was so cold at the zoo, I did not stay to enjoy it. I ran home to warm up! However, I am very proud of my fundraising. Maybe next year, you will come run with me!

  2. Hey thanks for sharing our May Challenge! Glad you found us and are making the commitment to get stronger this month. Loved reading your post as well. Looks like you have a bunch of good stuff going on. I’ll look forward to reading your posts in the future!
    Make it a great day! 😃

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