More Women’s Half Marathon – 2015 #WomenRunTheWorld

Sunday I ran in the NYRR More Women’s Half Marathon with my friend FitNic. I’ve run this race in the past, however it was FitNic’s first half. About 6 weeks ago she decided she wanted to give it a try, and asked if I would run with her. Of course I said yes.

FitNic & I at the starting line!
FitNic & I at the starting line!

The race is two counter-clockwise loops around Central Park which can be great, or incredibly challenging depending on how much you like hills. I’ve done this loop so many times now that I feel like I know what to expect, when we started the race, we were right behind the 2:45 pacer but felt we could stretch out a little stronger and kept her in our rearview mirror for most of the race. Somewhere along the way (I think when we stopped to pee around the half way point) we lost her. FitNic finished in 2:43:14, I finished a few minutes behind at 2:49:49. I had to slow down around mile 9 because my new Saucony Guide 8s which I took out for a few miles the weeks before decided to pick race day to start ripping up my feet. I will be on my way to return them later today. Incidentally, FitNic conquered this with only 6 weeks of training!! She has a great base of muscle and endurance from working her Beachbody programs (I told you that 21 Day Fix DVD was awesome!), so I know we will see great race times as she continues to run.

FitNic & I around mile 5.5 - Photo courtesy of SK2 who came out to cheer for us
FitNic & I around mile 5.5 – Photo courtesy of SK2 who came out to cheer for us

FitNic was nervous about her first half, but I told her not to worry and she did great! Here is the best advice I can give new runners

  • Just finish – don’t worry about time, pace, or any of that other stuff. That will work it’s self out. It’s you first race so no matter how you do, it will be a PR (personal record) and the line in the sand to get better
  • Have fun – running should be enjoyable. If you aren’t having fun, why do it? Enjoy yourself first and foremost
  • You are only competing against yourself. – don’t worry what the people around you are doing. They are running their own races. Just worry about your own!

Congrats FitNic on a triumphant first half! I’m so proud of you! You are a half marathoner now, and no one can take it away from you!


Special shout out to SK2 who came out to cheer for us at 92nd Street entrance to the park!! Thank you so much!!


12 thoughts on “More Women’s Half Marathon – 2015 #WomenRunTheWorld”

  1. Hooray for you both! It looks like you had lots of fun and I’m glad the weather was beautiful…. I’m sorry to hear about the sneakers! Yes definitely they need to be returned..
    You offer great advice for newbie runners btw!
    Have an awesome start to the week and bravo to you both for finishing and having fun!

    1. Oh I know. If you saw my feet you would be horrified!! Don’t worry, Niles over at the New York Running Company in Columbus Circle hooked me up with a new pair of Brooks. Testing them out on Saturday 🙂

      1. OMG! He was like a CSI detective figuring it out. I bought Saucony Guide 8, but the way the shoe is sown, it starts to rub as my foot expands in the later miles. That is why 4 and 6 mile runs were ok, but once I hit 9 and 10, my feet started expanding more and there wasn’t enough room (on top of a slight pronation). I think the new ones will be good. I will keep you posted.

      2. I’m a 7 in a regular shoe so I bought a 7 1/2, but it seems I need an 8 now. Go figure. Hopefully with these new ones Ill be able to catch up to you! (Lol! Some day!)

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