April Anarchy

April is shaping up to be a very busy month, but the most challenging part has been that my wifi has been out at my house. I switched to FIOS back in August and I have had trouble with it on and off. I finally got fed up today and am switching back to Cablevision and of course that means my News 12 Westchester will be back too.

In the mean time, since I don’t have internet at home, it is very hard to do blog posting. I hope you will be patient with me as I do my best to get back up and running on a more regular basis. In the mean time, here is a sneak peek as to what April will have in store:

  • Adult Fans of Lego Night – Brick of Thrones
  • Hudson Valley Etsy Pop Up Artists Updates
  • A Review of Manhattan’s famed Russian Tea Room
  • More Women’s 1/2 Marathon 2015
  • Salsa Dancing in Westchester
  • Bronx Zoo Run

and much, much, more so stay tuned!

Don’t listen to that silly Stark Family on Game of Thrones, Winter isn’t coming, Spring is here (ok, well maybe not today with Manhattan’s high of 43 degrees) but it is very close! Next thing you know, we will be complaining about the heat and not fitting in your bathing suit cause you didn’t take the 24 Day Challenge! Get ready for lots of more for the Souzapalooza Blog, as soon as the Cablevision guy shows up between 10 and 2!


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