What A Difference a Year Makes

I have one of those “One Line A Day” Memory books (something I recommended as a great gift for the Holidays.) I started mine on March 1, 2014. It has been pretty cool to see where I am now, versus what I was doing this time last year. interestingly enough, my “line” for April 3, 2014 was as follows:

Dinner with ‘Doc’ tonight! It was good to catch up with her. She is still struggling to get pregnant and I can understand her frustration. I just kept reminding her to stay positive. Good things will come.

Here is my “line” for April 3, 2015

Today I met ‘Doc”s son {Baby’s name and birthday/time omitted for privacy} He is adorable! ‘Doc’ is sore but good. ‘Moneyman’ is good too. The whole family is grateful and happy, as it should be.

My dear friend Doc and her wonderful husband Moneyman, are now the proud parents of a beautiful baby boy. I was fortunate enough to visit their new bundle of joy a few hours after his arrival last week. Although he was incredibly focused on nursing and giving snuggles to both his mom and dad, I think he has a lot of potential.

Doc struggled for a long time, but she is now a proud, happy, momma. These lines in my book are evidence that we should never give up on our goals or dreams. Things may not always happen when we want them to, but rather when the universe deems us ready for them. Our job is to keep working on the parts we can influence, keep our focus on the goal, and let the universe do its part.

My and Momma Doc
Me and Momma Doc

8 thoughts on “What A Difference a Year Makes”

  1. What a difference a year makes indeed! I loved seeing the photo of Doc and her baby! It’s amazing about what you wrote a year ago and her adorable baby arriving a year later…it’s true about what you wrote about the Universe!
    Here’s to what 2016 will bring!
    Cheers and see you soon!

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