The Results are In!

We just finished our very first dietbet and the results are in! We had 21 players sign up, for a pot of $525 dollars. Over the course of 28 day, everyone’s goal was to lose 4% of their body weight. I am incredibly excited to tell you that we had EIGHT participants hit their goal!! Our winners each will be receiving $65.63 from DietBet to reinvest in another round or buy some smaller pants! 

I personally did not win. I missed my mark by 0.2lbs when I weighed in this morning but that is ok. I still lost 7.4 lbs and am well on my way to losing more. This was the kick in the tush I needed to get motivated for spring/summer. What made me feel even better was the notes I received from some of the players this week thanking me for starting the contest and how it really motivated them to get back on track. I’m so honored that I could be a catalyst to help you get started. I’m looking in to starting another diet bet game closer to summer, so if you didn’t play this round you can join in the next one! 

Congrats to all our big winners!! 

  • Suzanne W
  • Tiffany C
  • Penny W
  • Maura C
  • Sue T
  • Marissa N

And congrats to everyone who took on the challenge. You may not have won this battle, but you haven’t lost the war! Keep at it! 


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