Heading Towards the United NYC Half

Sunday is the UnIted NYC Half Marathon and I’m running it.

Well, I’m going to try to run it.

You see, I have not run since the Star Wars Rebel Challenge almost eight weeks ago. Between the cold weather and my never-ending cold (which incidentally turns out to be a virus that just needs to run its course) I have not gotten any true training in. I did get a few treadmill miles in once or twice when I actually made it to the gym. Most of my fitness has been via my 21 Day Fix DVD, Neila Rey Workouts, and a few attempts at Kayla Itsines workouts that SK2 shared with me. I have not even been to my favorite Bikram yoga studio. I’ve run races on little to no training before but I feel this year, because I hardly did any cross training either things are going to be tough.

So what’s a girl to do?

Well what can I do but show up, and do my best. I know I’m not going to crush any records or win any prizes so my strategy is simple. Show up, have fun, run as much as I can, walk when I need a break, and keep heading towards the finish. I just have to finish.

The toughest parts of this race are in the first half. It’s a counterclockwise loop around Central Park which to the surprise of many out-of-town runners,  is very hilly! You leave the park just after the 6 mile marker and head down 7th Ave in to the heart of Times Square. This is one of the few times a year Times Square is closed off to traffic. Once you reach 42nd street, you head west to the West Side Highway which you follow for the back 5.1 miles of your run, rounding the tip of Manhattan island and ending on Water and Wall Streets.

It’s a competitive race to get in to. Most entrants are through lottery or runners who have completed the borough series. (You have to run 4 of the 6 borough races – the Fred Lebow Half, NYC Half, Brooklyn Half, Queens 10K, Bronx 10 Miler, and Staten Island Half)  Last year, I was lucky enough to find my friend Suz Wex, my original running inspiration, as I left the park. We ran through time square together which was really great.  This year, my friend and featured guest blogger Brad, will be running it as well. Of course he is an earlier wave and waaaay faster than me and my stumpy legs so he will be probably be finished before I even leave the park. I’m sure I will make friends at the start line or even on course. I make friends where ever I go. My sister’s call it “ITSD – I talk to strangers disease”. One of the women I made friends with at the start last year, I chat with on Instagram regularly. She’s actually relocated to the west coast and won’t be running this year. Regardless of who I meet or how fast I run, I am going to get to the finish line… slow and steady wins the race, or at least finishes it!

Plus, I get one of these (well this is the one from 2014, but you know what I mean!)

NYC 1/2 2014 Medal
NYC 1/2 2014 Medal



9 thoughts on “Heading Towards the United NYC Half”

    1. Thanks Lia! Last year was only 34 degrees so anything is better than that! Some of the race will be on channel 7 / ABC if you want to look for me. I’m planning on wearing a neon orange half zip shirt

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