One Tough Cookie Fundraiser – Westchester Wednesday

I grew up in Dobbs Ferry. It is one of the Westchester villages on the Hudson River. It is a small village, only about 10,000 residents. That’s about half the amount of runners in the NYC Half Marathon this weekend! The beauty (and sometimes the curse) of living in a small town is that everyone knows you, resulting in a very tight-knit community. This weekend, the Dobbs Ferry community is fundraising for one of our own and I am passing the word.

The Vano Family has lived in Dobbs Ferry for over 40 years. Tommy and Anthony went to Dobbs Ferry Schools, played Dobbs Ferry sports (football and baseball) and I guarantee if you ordered a pizza from Sam’s Italian Restaurant between 1990 and 2000 one of the Vanos delivered it to your door. (Their Uncle Maurice own’s the restaurant) Both are now grown men with families of their own. Anthony and his wife were just blessed with an adorable baby boy who will be turning one this month, and Tommy has two beautiful daughters and a handsome son of his own. Tommy’s middle daughter, Julianna, has recently been diagnosis with Lymphoma. She is being treated and is battling this disease like a boss. She is one tough cookie.

As a result, Sam’s Italian Restaurant and Doubleday’s Bar and Restaurant are teaming up on Saturday, March 13th to hold A Benefit for Julianna – One Tough Cookie. They are brining the town together; residents past and present have been posting about this event on Facebook for weeks.


If you can’t make the event, but want to help this little girl and all of those who are fighting cancer, Julianna and her family are participating in the Relay for Life in Yorktown on June 12th. You can donate to their relay team by clicking HERE. They have already passed their goal, but every dollar counts. Please consider putting your latte dollars towards this beautiful girl, so she can have more happy healthy days with her family, especially this little wizard.

Juliana and her cousin
Julianna and her cousin

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