Fixing My Way Towards Fitness

This winter has been absolutely brutal on the northeast. Thankfully, my part of NY hasn’t taken the beating that some of my friends in Boston have received this winter, but it has been a challenge. I am supposed to be running the NYC Half Marathon next Sunday, and I feel VERY unprepared. I simply can’t get out to run!

21 Day Fix... I'm sure this is copyrighted by Beachbody. Don't sue me, I'm promoting your product!
21 Day Fix… I’m sure this is copyrighted by Beachbody. Don’t sue me, I’m promoting your product! I’m going to get a booty like this!

This week I started the 21 Day Fix. It is DVD program from Team Beachbody, which lasts 21 days (did the name tip you off to the duration?) I’m four days in and I have to say, I’m REALLY impressed. If you know me, you know that I’m not easily impressed. Each day there is a new work out to test your fitness levels. The best part, it is only 30 minutes!

I’ve done Beachbody DVDs before. The Other Sister and I both bought insanity. We tried to keep up with Shaun T. We tried to dig deep. Sadly, we could barely get through the work outs without feeling like we were going to vomit. Even though I knew Shaun T workouts were intense and I’d eventually see insane results, after each work out, I’d feel like a failure. Even though I was doing my best, I didn’t feel good about my workout because I just couldn’t get through them with out taking a break. That is not the case with the 21 Day Fix.

The 21 Day Fix seems way more manageable for my fitness level. Led by celebrity trainer Autumn Calabrese, most workouts are four rounds, two exercises, two sets of each. You do need two sets of free weights, a light set and a heavy set (I use a 5 and an 8lb set). I’d also recommend a yoga mat or beach towel so you aren’t sweating all over your floor. I really enjoy that their is always a modified version being done on the video so if you try and are having trouble, you can continue on with the modified version of the exercise.

I took before photos and took all my measurements. I hope when I measure again on March 23rd, I have some more of this winter weight removed. Like anything else, you have to stick with it to see results and I really feel this is something I can stick with. If you are interested in learning more about the 21 Day Fix DVD, connect with my friend Nicole Simmonds and Team Fit Mission group. Click HERE to learn more about Nicole  and  HERE for her Team Fit Mission Facebook Group.

What are some of your favorite workouts?



9 thoughts on “Fixing My Way Towards Fitness”

  1. You go, girl! The 21 Day challenge sounds like it’s geared towards all different fitness levels and I like Autumn Calabrese’s style of workout videos…
    I hope the weather will be warmer for the Half Marathon!! Brrrrrr!!
    Have a great start to your Friday!!!

  2. I absolutely love Insanity! I really wasn’t able to do it about 5 years ago, but as my fitness level got better, I revisited it and love it! I’d love to try Asylum but I don’t have enough room at my place lol! I tried Shaun T’s T25 too, since those workouts are only 25-30 mins, but it’s wasn’t as challenging.

  3. This sounds good I might check it out, I don’t use my collection of fitness DVDs as much now that I invested in gym membership but my favourites were always Nell McAndrew’s ones (not sure if you get them in the US). Her ‘Ultimate Challenge’ one is particularly good!

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