Port Chester Hall – Westchester Wednesday

As I mentioned last week, Irish Kat and I attended the Bush Concert at the Capitol Theatre. However, what I neglected to tell you (untill now) is what we did before the show. We had dinner at Port Chester Hall.

Port Chester Hall is located adjacent to the Capitol Theatre, in the Metro North Train station building, at 3 Broad Street. Not only is Port Chester Hall, a restaurant but it has a full beer garden available. The garden is open year round and according to the chalk board at the hostess station, it was a balmy 70 degrees last Wednesday! I can’t comment on the beer garden because we didn’t make our way back there, perhaps another visit.

It was a rough week at work so I was definitely ready for a beer and thankfully it was still happy hour when we arrived! Irish Kat chose the Pilsner, I chose the Quad Bock, that our server encouraged me to try since they don’t always have on the menu.  It was 13% alcohol which is pretty strong for a beer but it goes down smooth and easy which could be very big trouble for Souzapalooza! Ideally, a tasting flight would have been a great option to figure out which of their personal creations we’d like. Incidentally, all their ales and lagers are brewed in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.

Beers and Fried Pickles at Port Chester Hall!
Beers and Fried Pickles at Port Chester Hall

To accompany our happy hour libations, Irish Kat and I ordered the fried pickle appetizer. I introduced Irish Kat to this tasty treat at the Alamo and got her hooked. We now test them out where ever we go however we would never compare ourselves to Bex & Lyss, the Frickle Chicks, who always know where the best fried pickles are at! We both liked that these were spear options rather than chips style. The outer coating was very tasty and crisp which was promising, however the pickle itself was a little bland. It need a little more zest. I would order them again, but if I am choosing between these and the alamo I’ve gotta give it to the movie theater.

Irish Kat's Penne Entree
Irish Kat’s Penne Entree

For our meals, Irish Kat went with the Penne with sweet Italian sausage in a tomato sauce. She thought it was an enjoyable dish and a good portion size. I got the Ahi Tuna Burger (no bun) with ginger slaw and fries. My tuna burger was good, although it probably could have used just thirty more seconds on the grill. In the defense of the chef, I did ask for it medium rare, more towards the rare side, but the middle was cold. Regardless, the flavor was great as was the accompanying ginger slaw on top of the burger. In addition, I really enjoyed their french fries. They were thin fries (as you can see in the photos) however, they were not greasy and they had the perfect amount of salt. I hate super salty fries!

Ahi Tuna Burger
Ahi Tuna Burger

Even though it was a chilly Wednesday night, there was a large crowd at the bar and most tables were full. I imagine it being much more crowded as the warmer weather approaches. There are designated Port Chester Hall parking spots in the lot outside the building, however, on a busier evening, finding a spot may be a little more work. Of course, if you live on the New Haven Line, you can always take the train right to their door!

Port Chester Hall is located at 3 Broad Street, Port Chester, NY. Call them at 914-305-8383  – Reservation policy per the Port Chester Hall website:

“We take reservations for parties of 8+ for indoor dinner seating Sunday-Thursday. Outdoor seating in the Beer Garden is first come, first serve. We do not take reservations on Friday & Saturday, unless you are a group of 20+ booking a private party in our indoor or outdoor dining areas.”

Hours : 4pm – 10pm (Kitchen closing at 9:30pm) Tuesday – Thursday, 4pm – 2am (Kitchen closing at 12:00am) Friday, Noon – 2am (Kitchen closing at 12:00am) Saturday, Closed Sunday & Monday . 


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