Lucky Penny

Yesterday was the third annual Princess Brunch. This is a yearly event my aunt organizes. It is a lovely opportunity for the ladies to get together to catch up and chat with no distractions. I look forward to it each year. Not only does my aunt generously sponsor the brunch, but also gives us customized hand crafted gifts. Unfortunately, I can’t tell you what we got this year since Ka-Ka was unable to attend because of the weather and hasn’t received her gift. I would want to ruin the surprise but I will say, Cuff Turtle and I really love our gift.

As brunch ended and we all started to go our separate ways, I heard someone yelling my name. I turned and looked around thinking it was my cousin or my aunt, but didn’t see them. Hmmmm, maybe I was hearing things.


No, I heard it that time, I’m not imagining things. I turned around again. This time, I noticed a woman with big brown eyes and raven hair running in my direction. Who is that? Someone from the restaurant? Did I forget my earmuffs? But wait, how would they know my nickname?


Hmmm…this girl knows me? How? From where? Is she a friend, sibling, or roommate of someone I know?

“It’s you!! You’re Souzapalooza!!”

Staring in to her big brown eyes, I’m starting to panic. This girl knows me, knows my nickname, doesn’t think I am crazy for standing in the middle of the street wearing a princess crown. Who is this mystery woman? Still staring at her completely dumbfounded, drawing a blank, wracking my mind….

“You’re Souzapalooza! Do you know how I am?”

“I have NO idea”

“I’m Lifestyles With Lia!!”

That’s right ladies and gentlemen, right there in the middle of a busy suburban street, a lucky twist of fate placed me in the path of one of my most supportive fellow bloggers, Lifestyles With Lia!! I grabbed her in the middle of the street and gave her a giant hug!

I’ve always wondered about the mysterious woman behind Lifestyles with Lia. She posts lots of fun stories but nothing too personal. She posts lots of photos, but never of her self (hence the reason I had no idea who she was when approaching me on the street). She was always a bit of a mystery, but someone I easily related to. I knew she lived in the county, but never knew exactly where. She would comment on how fun my adventures are but I never had a way to extend an invitation to her.

I am happy to report that after some coffee at the local luncheonette, I have a wonderful new friend to add to the roster! She is definitely someone who could roll with my cast of characters. Look for lovely Lifestyles with Lia to make some future appearances on the blog. In the mean time, check out some of her posts. I love the Stink Bug Diary as well as A Letter from a Former Lover (the post that made me follow her!)

Such a random chance encounter; kinda like finding a lucky penny in a parking lot!

Find a penny, pick it up, all day long you'll have good luck!
Find a penny, pick it up, all day long you’ll have good luck!

3 thoughts on “Lucky Penny”

  1. What an amazing day yesterday!!! I’m so honored for this morning’s post! It was a great pleasure to finally meet you yesterday and I look forward to more fun adventures… This time, no screaming across the street!
    Oh, and indeed the encounter yesterday was like finding a lucky penny!
    Ps: how did you know I love Smurfs too!
    Cheers and thanks again for this lovely post and for a great chat over coffee!!!
    LWL aka Lifestyles with Lia

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