Frequenting Frankie and Fanucci’s – Westchester Wednesday

I haven’t posted a Westchester Wednesday in a while simply because, I haven’t been out and about in Westchester lately. Between the on and off head cold/cough/sore throat I’ve been battling for over a month and the bitter cold weather that makes me not want to leave the house, I’m lucky I actually make it in to the office (and some days, I can’t take it and work from my couch).

Last week SK2 invited me to partake in her groupon deal at Frankie and Fanucci’s, and I’m very glad I did. Frankie and Fanuci’s has two locations, one in Mamaroneck and (the one we went to) in the heart of Hartdale, across from the Hartsdale train station. I’ve passed by this location regularly because it is also located one door down from my gym. Like some sort of cruel joke, the wafting wonderful smell of wood oven baked pizza hits me in the face as I walk to and from the gym. It is like when Miranda has to go to the Weight Watchers next to the Krispy Kreme on Sex and the City.  Total torture when you are trying to cut carbs, but I digress.

I met SK2 a 8pm, after a quick 30 minute treadmill run at the gym; my sad attempt at burning calories before dinner. We had a lovely waitress named Sarah (I’m not sure if she was a Sara or a Sarah, but I’m going with the H). She gave us a run down of the craft beers available, however since she was underage she was having a few challenges with our questions, so she brought over her assistant manager to help with the descriptions. We actually spent a good amount of time chatting with her about our recent trip to the Big Brew NY and some of our favorites beers and ciders from the event.

Margherita Pizza (photo from the Frankie & Fanucci's  - I forgot to take pictures!)
Margherita Pizza (photo from the Frankie & Fanucci’s  website – I forgot to take pictures!)

SK2 went with Magic Hat Single Chair Ale and paired with a Margarita personal pizza. I went with a Dogfish Head Piercing Pils paired with the BBQ Chicken and Bacon personal pizza. SK2 felt her pizza was a decent Margarita pie, very standard but nothing particular stood out about it. She felt the crust was thin and bit flimsy for her particular taste. I was pretty impressed with my pizza. It was a robust pizza with a plentiful amount of chicken and a lot of flavor. Personally, I like thin crust pizza, and considering the toping to crust ratio on my particular piece, I felt it held up. I think SK2’s pizza may have lost some crispness due the mositure from fresh mozzarella cheese.

The bonus of this outing was the zeppole desert. Arriving at the table in a simple white paper bag, the classic powdered sugar-coated fried dough pillows were delightful. The generous size and square shape of the zeppoles reminded me more of the beignets SK2 and I had at Ralph Brenner’s when we were in California. I guess it is semantics since beignets and zepploes are both delicious fried dough. If you do choose to order the zeppoles at Frankie and Fanucci’s, make sure you have someone to share them with; it is a large order! SK2 and I barely finished ours.

Frankie and Fanucci’s has a ton of deals during the week that you can take part in. Tuesdays there is a 2 for $20 deal, Wednesdays there is a $10 Pasta, Thursdays there is a $10 wine carafe, and Friday there is a family meal deal for $26.95. In addition, they have a “Club Card” for further deals. Ask your server about it. Don’t forget to enjoy one of the 30+ craft beers, which are $5 every day. Stop in and check out Frankie and Fanucci’s if you are in Hartsdale.

Frankie and Fanucci’s is located at 202 E. Hartsdale Ave. Hartsdale, NY 10530 – Call them at (914)-725-8400 – Open from Noon -9:30pm Sunday – Thursday, Noon – 10pm Friday & Saturday



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