Through the Eyes of Others

This past weekend I attended a baby shower for one of my oldest and dearest friends, Doc. After a long journey, Doc and her husband are being blessed with a little boy who is scheduled to arrive in the beginning of April, but if I were a gambling woman, I’m placing my bet for a March 23rd arrival. Don’t ask me why, that’s just the date I’m guessing. We shall see what the stars have in store for their family. I’ll let you know if I’m correct.

I got the chance to see some of my favorite people at the shower, Doc’s family who I’ve known since I was about 15, her wonderful mother-in-law who would probably adopt me if she didn’t already have two amazing children, Doc’s close-knit friends from college, and of course her in-laws, I affectionately refer to as Team Garrett, who I adore.

As I was catching up with Team Garrett on my Star Wars experience / meeting Sean Astin (Lady Garrett’s celebrity crush) and their upcoming tropical travels, Lady Garrett pointed something out to me that I realize I take for granted. I have a very amazing life. Sure, there are many evenings where I come home , put on my pajamas and plop down on the couch for three hours of Big Bang Theory but there are some really interesting things I do as well.

I run half marathons in interesting places, usually in some version of a costume or festive garb. I take all sorts of classes, Painting, Yoga, Cooking, Candle Making, Megaformers, ect. I attend cultural events like theater, opera, and Diner with Dead. I go to “celebrity events” like the Willy Wonka screening at the Alamo or the Billy Idol book signing. I try stuff I see on find on pintrest, especially recipes (although if you saw GMA you know how those often turn out!)

So even though I have been sitting on my couch for the past three days full of mucus and cooties, I have a lot of awesome stuff to keep me busy. In the upcoming weeks I have lots more to look forward to. I am attending Big Brew NY Beer Festival with Irish Kat, SK2, and Dear Ang,  Dart Girl and I are going to see Michael Franti perform at the Tarrytown Music Hall and I’m going to the 30th anniversary screening of The Breakfast Club at the Alamo. 

And this is just February!

I can’t wait for my next adventure! Until then, I will be on the couch with Sheldon and the gang.


5 thoughts on “Through the Eyes of Others”

  1. Ironically I read this entry last night while sitting on my couch, in my PJ pants, watching Big Bang Theory! Great minds think alike! I hope you know that I meant every word of what I said and you truly do lead an extraordinary life. Not just in the adventures you take, or in the challenges you make for yourself, but in your warm and welcoming spirit and the way you engage and motivate others. There are not many people like you in the world and I am a better person for knowing you! It was so great to see you this past weekend and thank you for your beautiful letter. Can’t wait to read about the concerts and the brew fest!
    Lady Garrett

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