Set Your DVRs – Pinterest Fails on GMA Tomorrow

Exciting news Souzapalooza fans!

I am going to be on Good Morning America

I’m sure you are asking “What? Why? How?”

Well turns out my failure has actually led to a success. At Thanksgiving, I attempted to take on a pinterest inspired Rice Krispie Turkey that turned in to an epic pinterest fail. See the photographic evidence:

#pintrestfail #ricekrispieturkey #snapcracklegobble

A post shared by Christine Souza (@souzapalooza79) on

However, Amanda Keegan over at Good Morning America, thought my failure was awesome enough to feature on their Pinterest Fail segment tomorrow morning. Set your DVRs tonight for Good Morning America and look for me in the 8-9 hour!

For those of you living under a rock, Good Morning America is on ABC, in the Metro New York area it is channel 7. For my international friends, if there is a link to tomorrow’s segment, I will try to post the link.


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