This Time Last Year

It has been a very busy and blustery week for me…

Me & Ka-Ka at the Magic Kingdom
Me & Ka-Ka at the Magic Kingdom

This time last year, Ka-Ka and I were in Walt Disney World celebrating my 35th birthday and running my first marathon along with The Flash. The Flash is actually in Disney this week taking on the Dopey Challenge. She completed the 5K and the 10K and has the half tomorrow and the full on Sunday. If you are interested in learning a bit more about marathon weekend, there are many bloggers posting about it in between running races and riding rides at the park. The Bloggette is running the Goofy Challenge and has been posting some updates all week that you can check out on her blog HERE

Oh how a year can change things. Instead of the warm sunny days of Florida, I’m home and it’s cold. Yes, I know, I live in NY and it is January so what the heck was I expecting! Honestly though, it just hit so quickly! I’ve been trying to stay bundled up and away from all the people sniffing, sneezing and coughing in my office and on the trains. I am particularly sensitive to not getting ill in the next weeks because, SK2 and I are leaving for California to run the Star Wars Rebel Challenge next week! The time is here! We are leaving for the West coast next Thursday for some fun in the sun and to show off our Jedi running tricks as we take to the streets of Anaheim for the 10K on next Saturday and the 1/2 next Sunday.

Darth Mickey
Darth Mickey

A year and a week later I will still be in the sunshine and I will still be running; a bit slower since I didn’t really train as well for this 1/2 as I did for the marathon, plus I plan on totally geeking out over all the Star Wars stuff on the run!

Better late than never!


5 thoughts on “This Time Last Year”

  1. I love your pics! And wow kudos to you for all the amazing races and trips! Sounds lovely!
    I agree with you that the cold in NY has come upon us so fast!
    Enjoy Cali and your race! Look forward to seeing pics!
    Happy weekend!

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