Jarring Ideas in the New Year

I know you are tired of New Year’s resolutions so I am not going to bore you with them. Honestly, I just don’t have the time either. I have to head to my 8pm yoga class NOW so I can make sure I get a mat space before the resolutionists! My class on Friday had 55 people in it!

This weekend I made two jars for my New Year’s intentions.

First a green one for my money! I am going to do the 52 Week Money Challenge. I’m sure you have seen this around but if you haven’t, here is the run down….

For each week, you put an equal dollar amount in to a savings account (or jar in my case). Week 1, you put in one dollar, Week 2 you put in two dollars, Week 3 you put in three dollars, ect ect. There is a nice chart so you can check off your progress.


If you feel like you may fall off track, and not be able to keep up with this, you may want to start in reverse. You can add $52 the first week (maybe you have some holiday money lying around?) you can follow this chart:


Either way, at the end of the year you should come out with $1,378. Maybe $1 a week is too much? Or perhaps not enough? You can look up the 52 Week Money Challenge for other versions. Some people do it with quarters. Some 50 cents. Some people have an idea that anytime you get a $5 bill, you save that in a jar. You do what you want and think you can afford.

My second jar is a pink/purple color. This one is supposed to be for my “rememberloutions”. What the hell is that? It is basically a way to remember the good things for the year. This way when you are sitting home on New Year’s Eve watching the Walking Dead Marathon or the Star Wars trilogy (wait am I the only person who does that on New Year’s Eve?) Anyway, when you have some free time to yourself to reflect at the year’s end, you can look at all the good thing and accomplishments you’ve done through the year. I’ve already started mine. My first few of the year have been:

  • Cleaned out the closets and pantry of stuff that I no longer need, want, or does not serve me (or has expired in the pantry!)
  • Ran 7.5 Miles with The Flash
  • Did every posture in Bikram Class today!

They are little things, but they are good accomplishments non the less and at the end of the year, I will be able to look back and see my year wasn’t a waste of 365 Days.

My jars - don't try to steal the green one!
My jars – don’t try to steal the green one!

If you are wondering how to make your jars super awesome looking like mine, here is what you will need:

  • A clean, clear jar
  • Mod Podge
  • Glitter in a color of your choosing

Pour some Mod Podge in to a container (I used a dixie paper bowl I had leftover from a party) and add your glitter. Stir well so the glitter spreads through the Mod Podge.

There are two schools of thought on applying the glitter mix.

1) You can apply the glitter mix with a sponge brush coating the sides of the jar

2) You can pour the glitter mix in to your jar and continuously turn it until the jar is well coated.

I did both – I gave each jar a good coat with my brush first to make sure everything was covered. Unfortunately, I felt my jar looked streaky so I poured the left over mix in to the jar and gave everything a good coat. Once well coated. I left the jars upside down on top of some paper plates so the excess could drip out. After a little while, when the excess seemed to stop dripping, I turned them right side up to fully dry over night while I slept so they were ready to go in the morning.

You can really use this technique to make anything glittery. It was quick and easy (It took long for my jars to dry cause I was very heavy handed with my Mod Podge) A light brushing should only take 30 minutes to dry.



9 thoughts on “Jarring Ideas in the New Year”

  1. Love this idea! The money one is fab. I have bought a couple of mates money jars that have no way to get the money out an the idea is that you only put £1 coins in and then once its full you smash the jar and have £2000 inside!

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