We Have a Winner! #Cuffsxmascontest2014

It was a heated race, but the votes are in and our winner is….

Hoboken for the Holidays by @Laurena77


@Laurena77 has won a $15 Amazon Gift Card from Myself and Cuff Turtle and a Holiday Card from Cuff!

Thank you to all our participants, finalists, and voters.

I’d like to give a special shout out to our runner up, “Presence over Presents” submitted by Vivian over at The Bloggette, who did a full court social media press to get the word out about the contest. It was very impressive and incredibly appreciated! Let’s give her a big round of applause and wish her the very best of luck as she takes on the WDW Marathon in 11 days! Show her some love by checking out her blog or following her on Instagram @readwriterunyoga

We had such a great response for #cuffsxmascontest2014 (some of our highest traffic days ever were from people casting their votes!) that Cuff and I will be working out some ideas and rules for another contest very soon. Until then, have a happy, healthy, 2015!

Sugar Plum Turtle


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