Time to Unplug

When was the last time you unplugged? Think about it. When was the last time you just disconnected? I’m talking no TV, no internet, no social media, no smart phone (gasp! The horror!)

I live with Cuff Turtle (who is not a very chatty companion), so when I come home in the evenings, the first thing I do is turn on the TV. It is a completely mindless habit. I just push the button and behold, background noise. I wake up to the radio in the morning. I use my smart phone on the train be it for music, social media, or reading my emails. I sit in front of a computer all day so the internet is at my fingertips at a moments notice. Sadly, only time I am truly completely unplugged is the 90 minutes I am in the Bikram Yoga room. This is how things have become for not only adults but for children too. When Boo Bear was at my house, the TV was on and she was also watching a show on her ipad while waiting for her brother to face time her. When I was her age you had to pick up the phone and call your friends, on a phone, with a chord! (Gosh, I sound like an old fuddy duddy!)


As we get closer to our season of thanks, we should be thankful for the technology we have. HOWEVER, we need to also be thankful for the beautiful world we live in the and the relationships we have with friends and family. Here are a few Souzapalooza suggestions on how to unplug from technology and reconnect with the world:

  • Spend time outside; either going to a walk or just sitting outside on a bench. Enjoy the fresh air and nature around you.
  • Read a book. This gives you the opportunity to stretch your imaginations and your vocabulary at the same time.
  • Pick up the phone and actually TALK to a friend rather than TEXTING them. Much more can be learned from hearing the inflections in their voice, than trying to interpret the meaning of their text
  • Meet a friend for coffee or a meal and spend some time reconnecting, one on one.
  • Take the time away from the computer to write a letter or a note to send in the mail. How do you feel when you get REAL mail? I love it! Spread that feeling to someone important to you by sending them a little note or thinking of you card.
  • Meditate on yourself. Take a few minutes to stop, breathe, and clear your mind of the hectic life around you. Meditating allows you to slow down, regroup, and reflect on things. It may even bring you some clarity on difficult problems and questions.
  • Store your phone in a bag or drawer when at home – out of sight, out of mind
  • Have a “No Phones at Dinner” rule so the people you are dining with have your undivided attention.

These are just a few ideas however, there are many more out there! You can see many more on my TechTimeOut Pinterest Board. You can also learn more by entering the Foresters Tech Time Sweepstakes. They offer many ways you and your family can spend less time plugged in and more time tuned in to each other. Click the logo below to enter their sweepstakes.




7 thoughts on “Time to Unplug”

  1. My phone is slowly dying (its being replaced this weekend woohoo) so the data on it hasn’t been working right for over a month now and I couldn’t believe how reliant I’d become on having internet with me 24/7. I think the separation has been healthy for me!

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