Be Thankful for Red Barn Bakery, For Your Thanksgiving Needs

Red Bark Bakery is one of the few completely organic bakeries in Westchester County. Conveniently located next to the Irvington Metro North station, Red Barn Bakery offers a variety of both sweet and savory baked goods and an amazing Sunday brunch spread. I’ve known owner Randell Dodge for some time now and I am continually amazed by the array of both consistent favorites and seasonal options she and her staff create fresh daily.

Organic Chocolate Pecan Pie
Organic Chocolate Pecan Pie

As the holidays approach, our schedules start to fill up and we just don’t have enough time for everything. Why not rely on a Red Barn Bakery to fulfill your holiday baked good needs? Red Barn is currently taking orders for Thanksgiving. The following items are available for pre-order:

  • Mini Loaves  – Pumpkin, Cranberry, Walnut, Cornbread, and Parsnip
  • Pies  – Pumpkin Chiffon, Tri Apple, Apple Salted Carmel Crumb, Apple Cranberry Salt Carmel, Southern Pecan, Southern Decedant Chocolate Pecan
  • Gluten Free Pies – Apple Crumb, Apple Salted Carmel Crumb, Pumpkin Chiffon, Southern Pecan
Apple Salted Carmel Crumb
Apple Salted Carmel Crumb

Of course don’t forget their every day favorites like the Breakfast Cookie (which comes in original, gluten-free, and vegan options), Scones (original and gluten-free options), and Muffins.

Breakfast Cookies! Yum Yum!
Breakfast Cookies! Yum Yum!

Call the bakery at 914-231-7779 to place your order in time for Thanksgiving!


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