A Method to the Madness – Method 10533 in Irvington

I run. I do Bikram Yoga. I lift weights. However, there is only one work out where I have ever felt like my core was really being strengthened and that was at Method 10533.

Located at 49 Main Street in Irvington, NY, Method 10533 is the only studio in the Westchester area to have Sebastian Lagree’s Meagformer 3 machines. The Megaformer 3 is an evolved pilates reformer that works on a system of springs and pulleys to create a high intensity low impact work out. The workout combines weight training, cardio, and stability training all at once, thanks to the combined efforts of your body and the machine.

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According to the website, students can expect “40 minutes of high-octane, shirt-drenching, muscle quivering, total body strengthening.” This is no joke, you will start to sweat with in the first 30 seconds of using the machine! I’m often embarrassed over how much sweat is dripping off me when I’m in class. I think I may sweat as much in a 40 minute class at Method as I do at Bikram! I know my body is working hard, not only from the sweat, but from that wonderful muscle strengthening sting I feel for a few days after. This work out helps me to engage core muscles I don’t get to doing usual weight or ab work, through the slow and controlled movements used on the Megaformer.

Owner Dawn Grande, who is a local resident and certified personal trainer, has brought a unique and effective workout to her community. Her certified staff, (including my own personal trainer Darian DelMastro!), are all incredibly knowledgeable and very hands on to make sure you get the most out of your work out.

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To learn more about their schedule, pricing, or further details about the Megaformer workout, please visit their website – Method 10533  or call them at 914-693-6020

All photos courtesy of Method 10533’s instagram account


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