UCAN be “Mebnificent” Too – Meeting with Meb Keflezighi

I had the incredible opportunity to hear Meb Keflezighi speak yesterday morning, less than a day after his triumphant 4th place finish at the 2014 TCS NYC Marathon.

Thanks to his sponsors, Generation UCAN, Meb and running coach Greg McMillan, spoke to an audience of 2014 NYC Marathon finishers and running enthusiasts such as myself, at the Penn Club in New York City. Meb discussed his past performances in New York as well as his triumphant win at this year’s Boston Marathon where he became the first American to win Boston in 31 years. In addition, Mr McMillan spoke about changes in nutrition research over the years and how UCAN helps to stabilize blood sugar with out the spikes, crashes, and digestive distress that occurs when in taking sugary sports drinks. Meb has actually been using UCAN since its development in 2009, the year he won the NYC Marathon at the age of 35. He attributes his sustained energy and lean form to taking UCAN.

Another #mebnificent photo of @runmeb from this morning #racetowin #tcsnycmarathon

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Meb has been a competitive runner since high school, however he remains incredibly humble and grateful for the gift God has given him. He has become a well respected amongst his peers in the running community as well as the running fans around the world. He remains fiercely competitive at an age where many have claimed he is “past his prime”. During his Q&A, he spoke of his 2013 NYC performance where he was coming off an injury and had to stop to walk at mile 19. He said how he talked to himself on the walk break and how desperately he did not want to be taken from the course. He realized how even though he was not going to finish at the time he wanted, he would still finish in an incredibly fast time that many marathoners (myself included) would love to have been capable of. Incidently, he finished in 2:23:47 that year; I’m lucky when I can do a half in that time!

The #mebnificent @runmeb at the UCAN NYC event! #racetowin

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Meb truly is an inspiration. I love watching him race and highly reccomend his book, Run To Overcome documenting his journey of survival escaping Eritera, for America and becoming one of the world’s most celebrated athletes. In addition, for the athletes out there, give UCAN a test run. It tastes good, is only 130 calories and reduced the spike and crash feelings that can occur with gatorade and powerade. Plus, when mixed with small amounts of water, can create a gel you can carry for even longer runs. It is also more cost efficient in the long run since you are using less because it sustains you longer. UCAN can be purchased on line by clicking here



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