Five On Friday – Halloween & Marathon Weekend

Five On Friday –
Here’s what’s going on this weekend in the world of Souzaplooza…

  1. Halloween – Halloween is going to be quiet for me this year. I am running a race with SK2 Saturday morning so no crazy plans. Her, Irish Kat and I are going to be watching Star Wars. Not super Halloween-y but SK2 has never seen it (I know, I know. How can we be friends with her? But we only recently found out and knew it was something easily fixable) I am wearing my tiara to work since my office does not want to support my idea for Tiara Thursdays, so I have to take all opportunities. I might bring my wings too. Fairy Princess on Casual Friday? Sounds good to me!
  2. Dashing to the Finish -SK2 and I are running one of my favorite NYC races – Dash to the Finish! This is a 5K that starts over by the UN, goes west on 42nd streetpast Grand Central Station and the NY Public Library, then turns north on to 6th Ave and takes you past Radio City Music Hall, and in to Central Park where you follow the last part of the marathon route to cross the TCS 2014 NYC Marathon finish line. For the record, this will be SK2’s last race in order to qualify for NYC 2015 through the NYRR 9+1 program. She will be joining The Flash next year!

    Last Year's Dash to the Finish!
    Last Year’s Dash to the Finish!
  3. Marathon Sunday – I’ll be out on the streets on NYC cheering for The Flash as she cranks out a 26.2 mile run towards glory. Ka-Ka, SK, & SK2 are aiming to catch her at 3 points – Long Island City, 1st and 116th, and 5th and 116th. Keep an eye on my Instagram for pictures on Sunday  – #JenRunsNYC. (If anyone else is running, leave your Race Day number in the comments so I can cheer for you too!!)

    The "Incredible" Flash
    The “Incredible” Flash
  4. Calling for my Circus Lessons – I’ve gotta get started on this! My life is kinda a circus these days, the sooner I can get some experience in the circus arts the better off I’ll be!
  5. Cleaning – I have house guests coming next weekend (My Other Sister & my 10 year old niece Boo Bear!) I’ve started making some fall improvements to my apartment (Hanging pictures, a small storage furniture item from Target and a new shower curtain) in addition to just general dusting and vacuuming all need to be done!

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