The Most Important Thing A Woman Can Have is Her Hairdresser

Part of my new series – “Westchester Wednesdays”; highlighting exceptional businesses and events in Westchester County (not everything awesome is in NYC)

I am not a beauty queen. I’m not someone who spends a great deal of time or effort on my appearance. I’ve been blessed with with skin that is pretty clear. I am plagued with the occasional blemish like most, but don’t add pounds of make up to “improve” my looks. My skin is a blessing, my hair on the other hand is a curse.

I have thick curly hair that most women claim they want, but I would be happy to trade them for (the grass is always greener). It’s too big to cover with a hat in the winter and even bigger in the heat and humidity of summer. As if taming it isn’t enough of a challenge as I’ve gotten older my brow locks are not as brown as they use to be. A spattering of twisty kinky grey strands are starting to make their home atop my head. I tried to color it myself for a few years but because my hair is so thick and colors change I was staring to end up with a head that was 30 shades of brown. What’s was a girl to do?!?

Enter my savior, Theresa of Eclipse Salon!

One day, after stressful week and a horrifying reflection in the mirror, I impulsively called Eclipse Salon in Tarrytown for an appointment. I told the young woman on the phone how I was desperately in need of a cut and color. Fate, destiny, or just luck, she paired me with Theresa and my hair has never been happier.

My First Hair Cut with Theresa
After My First Cut & Color with Theresa

What stands Theresa a part from other stylists? Well glad you asked.
1) She listens to you – She doesn’t just let you talk and ignore what you are saying. She listens. I told her that I don’t spend a lot of time on my hair. That it needs to be long enough to pull back for running and all other crazy activities. I told her it needs to look good curly (I have had stylists cut my hair to look good blown out, but looks horrid in curls) or they cut it to the length I want forgetting that when it curls, the length is much shorter.

2) She makes suggestions that make the sense for your hair – I wanted brown hair that was all one color of brown not a multitude of shades from my DIY days. She explained that it could be done with out completely wrecking my hair with chemicals. Since most of the dark pieces were towards the ends, she came up with plan of attack to make my color a darker version of brown, cutting some of the ends and progressively lighten it to over a few more visits as my hair grew out. By clearly explaining her ideas and how/why they would work, she made me feel very comfortable and confident I would not be steered wrong.

3) She has a gift for color – Even with my darkest shades of brown, Theresa has managed to pick shades that are very complementary. I never look washed out by my hair color and the color is never such a drastic change where people stop and say, “Did you color your hair?” The color always looks rich and vibrant and stays that way even as the gray starts making its presence known again.

My most recent cut & color
My most recent cut & color selfie

If you are in Westchester, and are looking for a great stylist, you should make an appointment with Theresa. She’s amazing. Call Eclipse Salon for an appointment – 914-524-0835

Eclipse Salon is located at 98 N. Broadway in Tarrytown, NY


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