Happy Anniversary to Me!

Yesterday was a big Souzapalooza Blog Milestone. Not only did I hit, 231 views and 185 visitors thanks to a great post and a lot of social media networking (my second best day ever, the best day being when I saw Natalie Portman at Stone Barns and a link to the post was posted by the admins at  NataliePortman.com ), but it was my 4 year anniversary using wordpress!


As a result, I added a few upgrades to the site which you may have noticed if you were clicking away on the blog last night. There a three new photos at the bottom of the page (if you want to scroll down, I’ll wait….). If you click on these lovely photos of Cuff Turtle, you will find some new features –

  • Cuff’s Favorites – These are some older posts that Cuff Turtle, as well as my readers, keep coming back to read over and over again. Cuff and I will work on adding the best post(s) of each month to this page.
  • Race & Running – Since a lot of my posts regarding running and races get visited often, I’ve decided to make a special section for the posts.
  • Westchester Wednesdays – I’m trying out this new series so I figured it would be useful to use the widget to draw attention to the new feature.

I hope you like these posts and will come back to see what’s new and good in these sections each month.


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