Being Happy Makes You Beautiful

Jobin and I met on my first day of 4th grade, over 27 years ago. I was a new girl at a new school, living in a new place with a new baby sister so I was very excited to meet a nice girl who didn’t live far from my new house. Jobin is a beautiful person both inside and out, I love her dearly, no matter what shape, size, or color she is or should turn over the course of her life time. She will always be beautiful to me because I know her and how big her heart is. I actually know her so well that I am positive she squirming in her seat as she is reading these words right now because complements and praise make her uncomfortable. I will tell you, she is deserving of them all whether she believes it or not.

Schedules don’t allow Jobin and I to get together as often as we would like however, as luck would have it we did get together and she told me some very big news. Jobin’s eye turns in ever so slightly. As a friend with an eye phobia I can tell you, it was not weird or crazy in any way; you could however notice in an occasional picture. For an average person, this would not be a big deal however, since Jobin is in the entertainment industry (an actress, not exotic dancer) she felt this nuance of her appearance was a deterrent from getting roles. I think it had a slight impact on Jobin’s self-confidence on auditions as well.  As a result, Jobin made the very bold move to have her eye fixed. Of course, because of my phobia, I don’t know any of the details or science behind this, but the end result is going to make Jobin very happy, and that is what is important to me.

Jobin’s was NOTHING like this guy in Wayne’s World 2

In my younger days, I use to judge people who wanted/went through with plastic surgery or physical augmentations to improve their looks. I use to think it was vanity or shallowness. Now that I have gotten older and wiser, I understand that it isn’t the case. People make these changes to their image to feel better about themselves. They feel they look better, boosting their confidence and their perception of their world. Look at this “new” Renee Zellweger. Although she does not admit to having work done, she said in her statement “I’m glad folks think I look different! I’m living a different, happy, more fulfilling life, and I’m thrilled that perhaps it shows.” She’s happy, shouldn’t we be happy for her?

Meryl Streep in Death Becomes Her – constantly wanting to look better and younger to feel better about her life

My personal opinion… if you are doing it to make yourself happier, and to feel better about yourself, and you aren’t hurting anyone else, who am I to judge you for it. I have friends who have had breast implants, botox, lap band / gastric bypass surgeries, laser hair removal, and nose jobs. They have increased their self-esteem and feel better as a result. I color the grey out of my hair and no one judges me, so who am I to judge anyone else.

I hope that Jobin sees the world in a new way, thanks to this operation, but hope she knows that she was amazing to begin with.


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