Can My Phone Do It All?

I have been taking Metro North in to the city for almost 15 years. In that time, I’ve never forgotten my train pass (a pretty impressive record) that is, until yesterday. I left my wallet in my yoga bag and in my rush to catch the earlier train to work, I forgot to grab it. So what happens when you forget your wallet and you’re already on the train?

The Bill For My Commute
The Bill For My Commute

Well, it turns out, Metro North bills you. The conductor actually fills out the bill and if you come back the next day on the same train with your monthly, they destroy the bill, if you don’t, you have to send in your payment (they give you an envelope attached to your bill, that must be where all my commuting fees go!)

Interestingly enough, I realized that since I did have my phone, I could buy coffee (and food) thanks to my Starbuck, Dunkin Perks, and Gregory’s Coffee apps. In addition, I could go to a few different places for lunch since I also had my Level Up app (I went to Just Salad for those who were curious). Thankfully I was able to get some cash at my bank thanks to an incredibly kind and patient teller named Justin. So really, all I need is to get an app, that carries my monthly train pass and I would be in business. Any suggestions?

I will say, Metro North’s Train Time app is really great. It tells us train times, fairs and track arrivals. Now if we could purchase tickets on the phone, they might be on to something great.


3 thoughts on “Can My Phone Do It All?”

  1. Ooh! We have an app for our light rail system here in Dallas. I’m surprised the bigger commuting systems don’t have it. However, I noticed that in the tunnels where there is no service, it would have been hard to pull up my train pass if I hadn’t already had it going. 🙂 I think 15 years is a pretty impressive run. LOL

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