My Favorite Yogis of Bikram Yoga Scarsdale

Part of my new series – “Westchester Wednesdays”; highlighting exceptional businesses and events in Westchester County (not everything awesome is in NYC)

Bikram Yoga Scarsdale (logo courtesy of their facebook page)
Bikram Yoga Scarsdale (logo courtesy of their facebook page)

Every Bikram Yoga class uses the same scripted dialogue, that guides a class of students through the 26 postures of the practice. Similar to the way an actor interprets a script for a theatrical role, our Bikram teachers interpret the script and apply their own personality and experience, to guide us through the day’s practice.

I attend Bikram Yoga Scarsdale and love my studio. Due to my schedule, I’ve been privileged to have taken classes with many different teachers; each one helps me to make my practice better. I’d like to highlight three of my favorite instructors at Bikram Yoga Scarsdale in today’s post.

First there is Lee. I personally love Lee simply because she was so kind to help me when I got sick after a class that she was participating in. Since that bonding, when ever she sees me she always stops and checks in to see how my practice is going, even when she is in the parking lot on the way home. She is always willing to chat with all students (not just me), even when she is participating on the floor and not on the podium. My favorite thing about taking Lee’s class is listening to her voice. She has this silky, sultry, soothing voice that I really enjoy and adds to the meditative experience of the moves. I once told Irish Kat that I thought Lee should have her own radio show and it would be called “The Smooth Sounds of Savasana “. It could happen, until then I’ll just have to listen in class.

Then there is Carolyn. It is not common for Bikram teachers to perform poses or explain the science behind the pose beyond the script however, Carolyn slightly bends the rules. Every now and then, Carolyn will take a moment and explain something to the class beyond the script. She has gone in to a deeper explanation of triangle pose, which personally has really helped with my hip alignment. She has given explanations on breathing technique on backward bends to help with the 80/20 breathing to get through the pose. I look forward to these little gems because the really help improve my practice.

Finally, there is Steven. When I am fortunate enough to have a free weekend, I will catch Steven’s class. I text Irish Kat and ask if she wants to go to his Sunday class, which I like to refer to as “Yoga with Jesus” Why? Because on Sunday most people go to church, but I go to yoga, and well, Steven’s long brown locks and genuinely kind and caring demeanor kinda reminds me of Jesus. (Totally meant complimentary, not as blasphemy, so please no one get your mats in a twist!) But all joking aside, Steven is a great teacher. He takes his practice seriously, however, he also makes us smile with his infectious humor. I’ve often heard him tell his classes that yoga makes us age in reverse, and since he started practicing at 18, and has been practicing for about 10 years, he is only about 8 in yoga years. His playful nature during practice reminds us all that yoga should be fun; it is yoga PRACTICE not yoga PERFECT so we shouldn’t be so hard on ourselves!

Honestly, I have never taken a bad class at Bikram Yoga Scarsdale. I named three of my favorites, but everyone has been a pleasure to learn from. Richard, proprietor and another fabulous instructor, has an immaculate and spacious facility, with a staff (teachers and front desk staff) who are eager to help make your experience the best it possibly can be. Teachers are always accessible after class to all students, and also practice at the studio which really makes it feel like a community. I often find myself arriving early, when a previous class is letting out so I can hear the instructors answer questions and explain postures to students reflecting on their practice.

If you have 90 minutes, stop in to Bikram Yoga Scarsdale and take a class. Bikram Yoga Scarsdale is located at 450 Central Park Ave, Scarsdale NY 10583. For more information on the studio, you can call 914-713-8300 or visit their website HERE for more information.

***I do want to mention they are having an awesome breast cancer fundraiser this Friday, October 24th at 8:30 – Glow Yoga! Bikram yoga done under black lights. Irish Kat, SK2, and I will all be there!***


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