As You Wish – The Princess Bride and Carey Elwes Q&A at Alamo Drafthouse

Last night I once again ended up at my favorite movie theater, Alamo Drafthouse, for a very special, once in a lifetime event. Alamo was hosting one of my favorite movies of all time, The Princess Bride. If you say you aren’t a fan of The Princess Bride, you are a liar!

How can you not like this movie? It’s got everything! Fencing! Fighting! Torture! Revenge! Giants! Monsters! Chases! Escapes! True love! Miracles! It is may be the greatest thing in the world, except maybe a nice MLT – Mutton Lettuce and Tomato Sandwich. I had been to the sold out Princess Bride quote-they had over the summer with Irish Kat, so why would I go again so soon?

princess bride reference

Glad you asked. This wasn’t just a run of the mill quote-a-long evening with the props to use during the movie. Although we did receive awesome props just like at the Willy Wonka screening. We received the following props:

1) Inflatable Swords – for swashbuckling in your seat
2) Mini Bells – to ring during the kissing scenes (because you have to watch the kissing scenes!)
3) Mini Bubbles – for when you feel the whimsey

But as I said, this wasn’t just a regular all quote-a-long, but there was something even just as awesome! Atumblr_ndii9oKNT91qkjltoo1_1280fter the movie there was a live stream Q&A  out of Austin, Texas with the film’s star, Carey Elwes discussing the film and his new book, As You Wish – Inconceivable Tales from the Making of The Princess Bride. Which everyone received an autographed copy of after the film.

The charming Mr. Elwes recalled his tales of working with the amazing array of talented actors on the set. Mr. Elwes recalled his first day on set with Andre the Giant, who use to zip around set on an ATV which Mr. Elwes broke his toe on. He also spoke of how concerned the great Wallace Shawn was that he was going to be fired because he was not the first choice to play Vinncini (inconceivable right?!?). In addition, Mr Elwes discussed his own troubles keeping still while the amazing Billy Crystal created his iconic role of Miracle Max.

Mr Elwest was open, eloquent, and with that charming British accent all the ladies in the audience were smiling like Buttercup!


As You Wish is available at most major retailers. 


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