One Lovely Blog Award

Monday I was nominated for the “One Lovely Blog” Award by two different bloggers! First,  Erin over at The Cupcake Mile. Erin is a Dallas based runner with an affection for baked treats (like so many of us!) and is two months out from her next marathon. Second, by Anastasia from Bits and Pieces. Anastasia is a Greek goddess with a beauty blog; but she isn’t just about beauty, she’s blogs about other stuff too.

The One Lovely Blog Award nominations are chosen by fellow bloggers for those newer and up-and-coming bloggers. The goal is to help give recognition and also to help the new blogger to reach more viewers. It also recognizes blogs that are considered to be “lovely” by the fellow bloggers who choose them. This award recognizes bloggers who share their story or thoughts in a beautiful manner to connect with viewers and followers. In order to “accept” the award the nominated blogger must follow several guidelines:

  • Thank the person who nominated you for the award.
  • Add the One Lovely Blog logo to your post.
  • Share 7 facts/or things about yourself
  • Nominate 15 bloggers you admire and inform the nominees by commenting on their blog

Thank you, Erin and Anastasia for the honor!

One Lovely Blog Award from Erin at The Cupcake Mile
One Lovely Blog Award

Seven Facts About Me:

  1. I have a terrible fear of eyes. It is called Ommetaphobia. It’s a real thing.
  2. I sprinkle garlic powder and cayenne pepper on my popcorn when I make it at home. It is very tasty, give it a try next time you make popcorn. Melt a bit of butter, sprinkle the seasoning in to the melted butter and then toss it on to the popcorn. Let me know what you think
  3. I text people in full sentences. I don’t use “U” or “R” however, I often make typos
  4. I rarely wear make up. I usually go to work fresh faced. On occasion I have been known to toss on some eyeliner or mascara but I’m usually natural
  5. I run for bling. If the race has a medal, I’ll probably run it.
  6. I carry a gold toned coin in my wallet that I got in 2010 when I completed the corn maze with my niece (only one at the time, the other was in utero) and nephew.
  7. In the great Elvis versus The Beatles question, I’m an Elvis girl.

I’m nominating the following bloggers (only 5, 15 is just excessive and not everyone is that lovely! Lol! Just kidding.)- Some of them have already been recipients so I don’t expect them to repost the award (of course, they can if they want too!) I just wanted to acknowledge that I enjoy their posts and the efforts they put in to blogging:

A Stitch to Scratch  – who has already been nominated so I don’t expect her to blog about it again (you can read her original nomination here, but I love her “I Made That Mondays” they make me want to be crafty (even though I can’t sew a  stitch!

LiveClareLesley – I’ve just recently found their blog and have fallen in love with them! I’ve added them to my “Bad Ass Blogger” list. Two friends who met working at a bookstore in their college years now writing a blog together on separate coasts. They are smart and funny and everyone should check out their blog right now. (Go ahead, click HERE, I’ll wait)

According to Courtney – I really love Courtney’s blog (she is one of the few blogs I actually get via email and not in the wordpress reader). Unlike the other bloggers I tend to gravitate towards, Courtney writes about her thoughts about world issues and how they impact her. I loved her post about Brittney Maynard; you should read it.

Send Sunshine – Another former nominee is Jessica over at Send Sunshine. Jessica is Portland based writer who uses her blog to send positive vibes and inspiration to the interweb. It is nice to see her quotes and thoughts pop up in my reader to add a little sunshine to my day.


Hot Off The Mat – Practicing Bikram is one thing, but being able to read about it from the perspective of others is another. I find myself excited when the yogi behind Hot Off the Mat has a new post. I learn a new perspective, trick or just a thought to mediate on during my practice. I especially loved hearing of her own struggles with Camel pose, which is something I constantly struggle with. Thank you for making my practice better!



6 thoughts on “One Lovely Blog Award”

  1. Definitely deserved! Love your blog! Thank you so much for the nomination! You’re right I have participated but I really appreciate you thinking my blog is worth the mention and nomination! 🙂

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