Blogging 201 Goals

I recently enrolled in Blogging 201, an online class sponsored by WordPress to make bloggers using their forums better at what they do. The first assignment for Blogging 201 is to establish three concrete goals for what I want to establish with my blog.

I reflected on this for a while…

I blog to share my thoughts, ideas, opinions, and to tell others about interesting things I’ve done. I like connecting with other people who have similar hobbies or interests, sharing my experiences with them, and sharing my experiences with products and services that are working or not working for me. I like to spread the word about what’s going on in my corner of the world.

When I was a little girl, I always thought it would be really cool to work for Consumer Reports. I wanted to be one of the people who tested out the vacuums and toaster ovens to see which worked the best and it the special features were really worth it. One of my favorite things that I have done on my blog, was to participate in the Samsonite video contest. You can check it out HERE.  (I did win the contest by the way – Our victory video is HERE). That being said, I’d love to participate in more events that allow me to try new products and/or services. I’ve recently signed up to be part of Sverve to connect with brands. Eventually, I would love to become a FitFluential Ambassador, they get to try out all the coolest fitness and nutrition items. I’m always so jealous of the ambassadors who get to try out the cool stuff brands are looking to promote.

So how can I do use my blog to achieve these goals?

Creative Commons – Courtesy of  Penyulap 

1) Increase my traffic – I need to increase my traffic so I have at least 1,000 visitors a month. That is a FitFluential Ambassador requirement and seems like a good starting point for me if that is what I want to do. September, when I started regularly blogging again,  I had 599 visitors. So far for October I’m at 577. At one point in my blogging life,  I did have slightly over 1,000 visitors (Jan 2013 I saw 1375, and March 2013 I saw 1,130). I know I can get back there by posting interesting content on a regular basis.

2) Posting schedule –  Like everything else in life, consistency is key! Posting unique and interesting content on a regular basis will keep current readers intrigued, as hopefully gain new readers as well. Sticking to a schedule will keep me accountable to reach this goal.

I stole this from Greg at Why I Run Disney – He’s great, check out his blog!

3)  Encouraging reader engagement – I need to work on engage more with my reader as well as my fellow bloggers. I hope that If you find anything you read interesting, or have an opinion (both in agreement or disagreement) that you will let me know by adding a comment or clicking on the likes.

I hope you enjoy reading The Souzapalooza Blog as much as I enjoy creating it. Photo Courtesy of FotothekBot via Creative Commons

In addition, if you enjoy what I have to say, I hope you will share my content with your friends via email or on your social networks (that is what those little sharing buttons below the posts are for after all!). The more feedback I get from you, the reader, the more I can make sure I am providing meaningful and interesting posts that you enjoy.


4 thoughts on “Blogging 201 Goals”

  1. I’ve enrolled on the 201 course. I really need to get stuck into it a bit more but I’m really enjoying what I have looked at so far. I’ll be interested to see how you get on with your goals!

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