Sleepy Hollow 10K 2014 Finisher

Just wanted to let you all know, I finished and finished strong at the Sleepy Hollow 10K yesterday. You can see the determination on my face in my finishline photo courtesy or the Rivertown Runners. 

Courtesy of the Rivertown Runners
Courtesy of the Rivertown Runners

I came in at 1:08:54 which is a large imporvement at my first attempt at this race in 2012 when I finished in 1:13:47. Special thanks are in order to Ka-Ka who came down to see me finish, as well as Irish Kat who brought a post race beer, and last but not least, my mom who came at the last minute. It is always nice to finish with a fan club!

Waving to my fans
Waving to my fans – Photo by Ka-Ka

Incidently, Runner’s World magazine voted the Sleepy Hollow 10K one of the Eight Best Halloween Runs! If you are in the area, you should look in to running it next year.

photo 2
Me & My Pumpkin – Photo by Ka-Ka

Oh, and I won a pumpkin in the post race raffle!


11 thoughts on “Sleepy Hollow 10K 2014 Finisher”

    1. Go for it! Once you start, it will be easy to get in to a groove. I highly recommend the Couch to 5K and/or Couch to 10K apps to get you started/reacquainted with running. That is what got me started! Good luck!

  1. This is awesome 🙂 I love the action pix! Did you buy them? I haven’t received any shots from my three runs so far this year!
    Congrats on the run and the new pumpkin 🙂

    1. No some my sister took and the finishline photo was available on the Rivertown Runner’s website. They don’t charge for photos. One of the members volunteers to take photos!

  2. Sleepy Hollow is so cool! I went a couple weekends ago unexpectedly and unfortunately the haunted house was sold out but we went to Bridge View Tavern for dinner and that was great!

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