To Be a Kid Again…

This is part of my week long series, inspired by the book Until I Say Goodbye; My Year of Living with Joy by Susan Spencer-Wendell

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I know exactly where I would go with my Dad, The Red Rooster on Route 22 in Brewster, NY. When I was a young child, even well before Ka-Ka was born, my parents had a camper located at Camp Waubeeka Campground in Copake, NY. This is where my hot air balloon obsession comes from; once a summer the balloons would come and launch from the fields across from my grandparents camper where I’d sit and watch them inflate and take off towards the heavens… but I digress.  Every weekend, we’d get in the car and head up to the campground and every weekend we’d pass the Red Rooster both on the way there and on the way back. Every weekend I’d say “Dad, can we stop at the Red Rooster?” and every weekend he’d say No.  My aunt would stop with my cousins, my grandpa even stopped on occasion, but not my dad.

Me & My Dad fishing
Me & My Dad fishing – impressed right?

In all the years we went to Copake, I’m pretty sure we stopped twice; which in the grand scheme of travel was less than a percent! It is a childhood disappointment that still sits with me over 25+ years later and I bring up often in conversation with my dad. My dad was never much of a traveler to beging with, and now that he is older, he sticks close to home most of the time. I know he would be opposed to going too far, so the Red Rooster would be a great option for us. In my adult life, I’ve been once, but it would be incredibly special to go with my dad.

Although I know EXACTLY where I would go with my dad, I really wasn’t sure where I told my mom about the idea for this blog post and I asked her, “Where would you want to go with me, if I were dying” and she look at me for a moment and responded rather matter of factly, “Disneyworld”. I asked her why, out of everywhere in the world, money being no object, she wanted to go some where we’ve already been and she simply responded, “It’s the happiest place on earth for you”. She is right, as moms often are.

44446_10153737197285301_1203700835_nI really do love Disneyworld. I love their attention to detail and personal touches that make it such a unique place to be. I love the Mickey shaped foods, Mickey Waffles being my hands down favorite. I’m a sucker for the character stops  and truly believe no visit is complete with out paying respects to Mickey, (which sadly I did not get to do on our last trip). Mickey doesn’t walk around outside very often, only during the parades however, there is an opportunity to take your picture with Mickey at every theme park (Magic Kingdom, Epoct, Hollywood Studios, and Aminal Kingdom). I like to see him at Epcot with the Chase Disney Visa Card, because that is where he wears his traditional black suit jacket and red pants. He looks so handsome like that.IMG_9138

My mom has seen me at Disneyworld many times. She and my dad took me in 1984, before I started Kindergarten, then again in 1992 with my grandma and Ka-Ka when she started Kindergarten. We returned as a family in 2005, with Ka-Ka, gma and my stepdad for my grandma’s 80th birthday and just a few years ago she and my stepdad tagged along with my Other Sister, Brother-in-law and the kids and I.

For my mom, and really all my parents, if Ka-Ka or I were to become ill, it would be completely devastating. Although everyone handled things a little differently, I saw how each of them reaction when Ka-Ka had gotten sick with kidney stone complications. I think every parent just wants to see their child healthy and happy; however in the presented scenario, if my mom couldn’t see me healthy, at least she’d see me happy one last time in the most magical place on earth.

 A note for those of you who I know in real life: 1) I am not dying so don’t worry, this is really just a thought provoked post so please don’t worry about me! and 2) If you are not mentioned in the course of the next few associated posts, please do not think that I don’t love you, that you are not important to me, or that I don’t think you are special. YOU ARE! Honestly, I could go on and on about all the things I want to do with all the people in my life. I’m blessed with so many treasured friends and family, who I love dearly. I just chose to mention a few that reflected a part of who I am and would make for interesting blogging for my visitors to read over the course of a week.


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