Ben & Jerry & Ka-Ka

This is part of my week long series, inspired by the book Until I Say Goodbye; My Year of Living with Joy by Susan Spencer-Wendell

Me and my sister
Me and my sister

For the past year or so, Ka-Ka has had it in her head that she wants to visit the Ben & Jerry’s factory. She even talked about going this weekend.  it kind of baffled me at first because Ka-Ka really isn’t a huge ice cream fan. Her vices tend to be more in the salty arena of chips. If we were really going to a factory tour, I think she would be inclined to visit either the Right or Left Twix factory over Ben & Jerry’s but alas, her heart has been set on the dairy mecca of Vermont.

Located about 5 hours from our home town, in Waterbury, VT, the Ben & Jerry’s factory offers a 30 minute tour of their facilities, where you learn about the ice cream making process and receive a “sample of the day” test scoop. In addition, you can take a look at their Flavor Graveyard, located on a hill behind the factory.  This is where I would go with Ka-Ka.kscs

Ka-Ka and I are more than sisters, we are best friends. It is a very unique relationship. You wouldn’t think that we would be so close since we have an eight year age gap between us. Regardless, we are always there for each other. We have been many places together, family vacations, trips with friends, midnight shopping on Thanksgiving, and of course, many random trips to Target. We travel very well together, as long as neither of us get hangry. This trip would put two favorite things together, premium ice cream and Ka-Ka. Plus, it seems that Vermont is quite the tourist destination. The state is chock full of farm to table eateries, amazing local breweries, and an array of outdoor activities and folliage walks (when the time is right) per the Ben & Jerry’s website. I’m sure Ka-Ka would make sure that we did it all.

A note for those of you who I know in real life: 1) I am not dying so don’t worry, this is really just a thought provoked post so please don’t worry about me! and 2) If you are not mentioned in the course of the next few associated posts, please do not think that I don’t love you, that you are not important to me, or that I don’t think you are special. YOU ARE! Honestly, I could go on and on about all the things I want to do with all the people in my life. I’m blessed with so many treasured friends and family, who I love dearly. I just chose to mention a few that reflected a part of who I am and would make for interesting blogging for my visitors to read over the course of a week.


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