France with Ma Meute de Loups (French for Wolfpack)

This is part of my week long series, inspired by the book Until I Say Goodbye; My Year of Living with Joy by Susan Spencer-Wendell

Before the RNR Vegas Half
Before the RNR Vegas Half

Still feeling the runners high of the Princess Half Marathon in Disney back in 2013, The Other Sister, Special K, and I all decided to sign up for the Rock N Roll Half Marathon in Las Vegas. The three of us running around in the desert just like the guys in the Hangover. Trying to keep the ‘run-cations’ going, I suggested a trip to France to run the Paris to Versailles half marathon however after the Vegas trip, running on vacation was vetoed for all future trips.

I’ve been to Paris twice in my life time, and I’d love to go back again with my wolfpack. Paris to Versailles would be an amazing run, and the girls said they’d be happy to go, cheer and eat croissants while I ran it. That being said, if my demise was approaching, jet setting to France with The Other Sister and Special K would be an excellent trip. I know my Other Sister would love it because, since I do not speak French, I can’t strike up conversations with strangers!

Paris 2012 – Souzapalooza Collection

I’d love to sit with my friends and people watch in a cafe drinking coffee and eating croque monsieur, baguettes, escargot, bignets, macaroons and all the other amazing treats France offers. We could stroll along the the bridges that cross the Seine and spend time admiring the beauty of the impressionist paintings gracing the walls of the Musee d’Orsey. Of course, I’d organize a driver to take us to see all the wine regions (Bordeaux, Alsace, Burgundy, Champagne, Loire, Provence, and the Rhone Valley) and we’d sample all the local flavors. We’d end our trip on the shores of Cannes or maybe Nice, I hear it is Nice in Nice. We can be together to witness the clear blue waters of the Mediterranean Sea with my Wolfpack.

 A note for those of you who I know in real life: 1) I am not dying so don’t worry, this is really just a thought provoked post so please don’t worry about me! and 2) If you are not mentioned in the course of the next few associated posts, please do not think that I don’t love you, that you are not important to me, or that I don’t think you are special. YOU ARE! Honestly, I could go on and on about all the things I want to do with all the people in my life. I’m blessed with so many treasured friends and family, who I love dearly. I just chose to mention a few that reflected a part of who I am and would make for interesting blogging for my visitors to read over the course of a week.


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