Kenyan Safari with The Flash

This is part of my week long series, inspired by the book Until I Say Goodbye; My Year of Living with Joy by Susan Spencer-Wendell

7b993cb3b453297bf4c78473129dc68220dc9fd6After our fateful encounter boarding a plane at the Orlando Airport, The Flash and I have always been bonded by our commitment to running, so automatically I thought, I’d love to run an amazing race with The Flash. There are so many places that have majestic views to run. There is actually a marathon called Skarkasse 3-Laender, which takes you through three countries (Germany, Austria, and Switzerland) in one race! How cool would that be? 

However, if my body were failing me, this would not be an option. I would never ask The Flash, or anyone for that matter, to push me through a race like the amazing father-son team of Dick and Ricky Hoyt who have been competing in marathons and triathlons and subsequently inspiring millions, for years. If you haven’t heard of them, take a quick look at this amazing Today show segment:

A Post Race photo - The Kenyans have been home for hours
A Post Race photo – The Kenyans have been home for hours

Some of the best runner in the world are Kenyans; The Flash and I are just starting our run when these guys are headed home for Gatorade and foam rolling. It’s only fitting that the two of us venture to Kenya and see if we can find out the secrets of their running success…and see some lions, tigers and bears while we are there!

The Flash is incredibly organized when traveling, so I have no doubt that she would research all the best sights and time to attempt to see the animals as well as places we might learn the secrets to the Kenyan runners speed and stamina. In hopes to quench my hot air balloon fascination, I hear that Kenya now has a balloon safari adventure in the Mara, where the great wildebeest migration takes place every year. Hopefully I can get this on to The Flash’s to do list!

Our Annual Turkey Trot Photo - 2013
Freezing in Our Annual Turkey Trot Selfie – 2013

A note for those of you who I know in real life: 1) I am not dying so don’t worry, this is really just a thought provoked post so please don’t worry about me! and 2) If you are not mentioned in the course of the next few associated posts, please do not think that I don’t love you, that you are not important to me, or that I don’t think you are special. YOU ARE! Honestly, I could go on and on about all the things I want to do with all the people in my life. I’m blessed with so many treasured friends and family, who I love dearly. I just chose to mention a few that reflected a part of who I am and would make for interesting blogging for my visitors to read over the course of a week.


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