Mission From God with Doc

This is part of my week long series, inspired by the book Until I Say Goodbye; My Year of Living with Joy by Susan Spencer-Wendell

Doc & I back in the day... circa 1996
Doc & I back in the day… circa 1996

Since it happens to be her birthday today, it is only fitting a write about my thoughts on where I would go with my friend Doc, who is not a doctor, nor does she play one on TV. Doc and I have been friends for close to 20 years which is a feat on to itself. We have been on a lot of adventures together since first bonding during soccer practice in high school (which is how she got her nickname, she was in charge of the med kit). We have even documented a few of them, which I could show you, but then I’d have to kill you!

Doc and I at Team G's Wedding - Sept '12
Doc and I at Team G’s Wedding – Sept ’12

Doc and I love classic 80’s movies. For my birthday, a bunch of us went to see 16 Candles playing at the Alamo. She sat next to me quoting all the lines to each other, and laughed hysterically at the jokes we already knew and had heard over and over. Now as most people know, all the best movies from 80’s ( 16 Candles, Breakfast Club, Weird Science, Ferris Bueller) were made by the late, great, John Hughes and most were based in the fictional suburb of Shermer, Illinois. However, there is one classic that was made deep in the heart of Chicago – The Blues Brothers!

Doc and I recently got to see this amazing film on the big screen (again at the Alamo – love that theater!) However, I think it would be amazing to race around Chicago with the Doc, with a special stop at the Richard Daly Plaza, home of the Cook County assessor’s office and “where they have that Piccasso” according to Elwood. Maybe we can knock a few Ferris Bueller items off my bucket list on this trip in Chicago as well, but I don’t really like to mix my films. There is a list of the actual Blues Brothers locations on the Blues Brothers Central website. Doc, let’s check them all off the list!

A note for those of you who I know in real life: 1) I am not dying so don’t worry, this is really just a thought provoked post so please don’t worry about me! and 2) If you are not mentioned in the course of the next few associated posts, please do not think that I don’t love you, that you are not important to me, or that I don’t think you are special. YOU ARE! Honestly, I could go on and on about all the things I want to do with all the people in my life. I’m blessed with so many treasured friends and family, who I love dearly. I just chose to mention a few that reflected a part of who I am and would make for interesting blogging for my visitors to read over the course of a week.


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