Hold On To Your Dreams – Butterflies N Dreams Handcrafted Apparel for Kids and Furkids

Princesses (left to right) Zibby, Gbeans, Me, KaKa, & The Flash)
Princesses (left to right) Zibby, Gbeans, Me, KaKa, & The Flash)

My Aunt is probably one of the most crafty people I know. She has an innate ability to create. She has all the old school skills that most of us wish we had; sewing, needlepoint, and crocheting among other things. She is the family baker, always arriving with platters full of cookies, cakes or pies on major holidays, birthdays, or other reasons to  celebrate. She throws a “Princess Brunch” where she had all the women of our family (her daughter-in-law GBeans, Ka-Ka, Zibby the Roller Derby Queen, and my step-mom) to have brunch to celebrate our combined awesomeness for all we accomplished. The Flash even attended one of our Princess Brunches to celebrate our Marathon victories. It really is nice to wear a tiara on a Sunday morning with no judgement from those around you.

Furkid Rocking his new Butterflies N Dreams Bandanna
Furkid Rocking his new Butterflies N Dreams Bandanna

Inspired by both her love for pets and respect for our military personal, my Aunt started her own line of petwear called “Butterflies-N-Dreams”. The line consists of bandannas and coats, hand made from American sourced materials, and embroidered with clever slogans. As things have progressed, she has added in a line of children’s t-shirts that work in conjunction with the pet line. In addition, part of the proceeds from sales, go to ECAD – Educated Canines Assisting with Disabilities, who help wounded warriors when they return from duty. Although her focus has been on fashionably dressing the kids and furkids of our service men and women, she also has items for the civilian furkid in your life. In addition, she is beginning to start a line of organic puppy treats. The woman can do everything! Her items bring so much joy to the people who receive these handmade gifts. Her love and attention to detail are seen in every item. I really feel that this is her calling.

Real Kid Items too! (This is my second cousin, Gbeans son, Isn't he a looker!)
Real Kid Items too! (This is my second cousin, Gbeans’ son, Isn’t he a looker!)

The holidays will be upon us shortly and you want to have something under the tree and/or menorah for everyone! If you happen to have a few minutes, and are looking for a cute gift for the furkid or furkid parent in your life please take a look at her amazing products. They can be found on her Etsy Store or on Facebook by clicking on the links below.

Tell her that her amazing blogging niece, Souzapalooza, sent you!

Butterflies N Dreams Etsy Shop

Butterflies N Dreams on Facebook



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