The Transitions of Autumn

The start of the fall colors
The start of the fall colors

Yesterday, I drove through the Berkshires and the Catskills and was able to enjoy the beauty of the fall foliage. The mountains were sprinkled with golds, reds, and coppers on the typical lush green spread. It was so beautiful to watch the colors coming alive. As I drove, I thought about the cycle of the trees. They start the spring bare, but bloom in to their bold green beauty as spring rolls in to summer, then they transform in to their beautiful colors, they shed their leaves and become naked as they began.

Most people think of Spring as being a transformative time, with the world in a state of rebirth out of the cold (and sometimes cruel) winter, however I feel that autumn is really the time of transformation. Autumn is the time to let your true colors shine and rejoice in their splendor. It is the time to put changes in to motion and prepare for the self reflecting solitude of winter, so  when spring returns you are ready to bloom and blossom in to the best version of yourself!

What do you think? Do you feel you make more changes in the autumn or the spring?


4 thoughts on “The Transitions of Autumn”

  1. Where I come from, spring and autumn exist merely in theory, there’s summer all year long. It would be a great experience to feel my thoughts change with the season.

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