Bucket List – ReDux

TraBlogger invited me to include my bucket list on his blog! I gladly accepted the offer, however I realized that it was horribly out of date.  My original list included 50 items, in which I accomplished 18 of them (go Me!), changed my mind about some things, and have all new ideas of what I want to do. As a result, I present Bucket List 2014!

  1. Learn to speak a foreign language (originally I wanted Italian, but now I’m leaning more towards French)
  2. Learn to play the organ (since I have one in my home)
  3. Visit the Grand Canyon – I’ve been to Vegas a bunch but have never venture out to the canyon.
  4. Solve a Rubik’s Cube
  5. Own a home

    Photo By Ricardo Liberato
  6. Attend the Opera
  7. See the Egyptian Sphinx and Pyramids
  8. Have a vegetable garden
  9. Ride on a gondola in Venice
  10. Try stand-up comedy
  11. See the Great Wall of China
  12. Get married in Vegas
  13. Win lotto
  14. Go on Safari
  15. Be a game show contestant, preferably Jeopardy, but I’ll take Wheel of Fortune or Price is Right (especially if it’s the Plinko round!)

    Plinko Board via http://www.priceistightinfo.com
  16. See an active volcano
  17. Visit all 7 continents
  18. Have a ‘day off’ in Chicago, Ferris Bueller style (Go to the art museum , Sears TowerWrigley Field, a fancy French restaurant, and of course, singing on a parade float!)
  19. Witness the running of the bulls – I don’t actually want to run, I just want to watch from a safe distance.
  20. Learn to make fancy garnishes (like a rose made out of a radish)
  21. Go on a Boston Duck Tour
  22. Attend the ballet (preferably Swan Lake)
  23. Achieve 6-pack abs (or at least a flat stomach)
  24. Attend the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta (it happens in October)

    Photo from the Alburguerque International Balloon Fiesta website –
  25. Milk a cow and /or harvest freshly laid chicken eggs
  26. Be debt free
  27. Drink at one of those ice bars where they let you rent fur coats
  28. Do my own grape stomping for wine
  29. Be a member of a live studio audience (preferable for a sitcom, but I’d take a talk show)
  30. Visit the Ben & Jerry’s factory with Ka-Ka
  31. Toss pizza dough like a pro – I fail when I try it at home
  32. Sleep in the museum (in New York, you can do this, and I really want to!)
  33. Be a movie extra
  34. Eat Alligator – I hear it tastes just like chicken

    Yum Gator!
  35. Kiss someone under the mistletoe
  36. Buy a Louis Vuitton bag on the Champs Elyees
  37. Prepare a will – Not that I have a lot of belongings, but I wouldn’t want Cuff Turtle in an ugly custody battle if something should happen to me.
  38. Learn to Knit – I know how to crochet, thought I’d try my hand at another string art
  39. Visit the Statue of Liberty – I live in NY and have yet to do this. I don’t want to go up, but I would like to go to Liberty Island.
  40. Meet my valentine at the top of the Empire State Building (a la An Affair to Remember)

If you have done any of the things on my list, please share your experience in the comments below or on the Bucket List pages (find both my original list and the new one above). Of course, please go visit TraBlogger’s site and visit some other bucket lists. He has the most amazing photography from his trips around the world. His work will really inspire you to make your own bucket list of things to see in this lifetime!


2 thoughts on “Bucket List – ReDux”

  1. Hey there, Glad to see your updated list! So now you have two versions. original and the revised, Cool. I hope you can strike them off as soon as possible 🙂 Thank you very much. Glad that you remembered, came back and added the list again 🙂

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