Halloween Horror Nights

As I mentioned yesterday in my post about Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween, the whole motivation for our trip to Orlando was that Irish Kat and I wanted to attend the Hollywood Horror Nights at Universal Studios. Halloween Horror Nights is a night-time event at Universal Studios Theme Park that takes place on specific evenings during the weeks leading up to Halloween. The park sets up eight different haunted houses through out the park, each with their own theme, as well as four different street experiences, two shows, as well as a few rides that are left open for the evening.

Universal Halloween Horror Nights
Universal Halloween Horror Nights

Irish Kat and I got to the park around while it was still light out and walked straight through MASKerade – Unstitched, one of the street experiences where actors in masquerade ball attire pull of their masks so reveal hideous deformities underneath. We jumped on to the first line we saw, the queue for the From Dusk Till Dawn Haunted House.  This house was based on the TV series about a biker bar infested with a race of vampire-esque creatures who don’t drink with, but rather from their clientele.


Walking out of the first house, we saw the queue for The Walking Dead House stretching out pretty far, so we decided to hold off on joing that line and work our way back towards it when it (hopefully died down). We walked through the Face Off In the Flesh and Bayou of Blood Street preformers and made our way to do back to back house of Roanoake the LostColony and Dollhouse of the Damned. The Roanoake house was based on the lost american settelment of Roanoke, Virginia, which Universal Studios believes to be distroyed by canibalisim based on what I saw in the house. Dollhouse of the Damned was super creepy with all these dolls staring at you with missing limbs, dead eyes just staring at you and life size “dolls” jumping out at you.

Outside the "Dollhouse"
Outside the “Dollhouse”

After the “dollhouse” we waited on line for an hour to walk through the Halloween House. Halloween the 1978 classic about Michael Meyers escaping from a mental institution to return to his hometown to kill again. This house was worth the wait. Taking place on the actual Halloween set, you walk through the house with Michaels coming out at you when you least expect him. Is that a statue or a live Michael?!? We needed some drinks after that one.


We got on line for “The Walking Dead:End of The Line” the haunted house based on the hit AMC TV show. The wait said 60 minutes, and if it was, it flew by! The line for this attraction was right in from of a perfromance stage so trivia questions about season 5 kept popping up which was a great way to pass the time. This house is set up some what like the way the 5th season unfolded, bodies quarintined in the Cell Block C’s make shift hospital ward, walking through an old market full of walkers, walkers popping out from overgrown ivy walls, and of course, ending up in Terminus. Thankfully Irish Kat and I escaped both the walkers and the Terminus folks, we will have to see if our group escapes from Terminus in the upcoming season starting October 12th.

The Walking Dead : The End of the Line
The Walking Dead : End of the Line

Screaming and jumping out of your skin can really work up a thirst, so we took a little break from the Halloween action and walked over to Moe’s Tavern to have a Duff Beer and a snack. Then it was back to see if we could fit in the last few houses before the park closed. We knocked Dracula Untold – Reign of Blood off the list when we walked through with three frightened teen girls, one who grabbed my hand thinking I’d offer some sort of protection from the undead. Then we ran over to Giggles and Gore, Inc., a haunted house for those afraid of creepy clowns and we managed to squeeze in AVP: Alien Versus Predator full of creatures and set from the movie franchises baring the same name.


If you are in to horror, gore, and like the hairs on the back of your next to stand up in fear, there is no better place than Universal Studios for Halloween Horror Nights!



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