The Gratitude Challenge

On Facebook, the Irish Kat nominated me to complete the Gratitude Challenge. Rather than do three a day for the next week, both she and the friend who nominated her, decided to just post 21 items of gratitude at once. Following in that precedent, here are the 21 things I am grateful for!

  1. Indoor pluming – Anyone who has ever had to get up in the middle of the night in December will agree with me on this one! But seriously, I have clean running water in my home and a flushing potty, life is good!
  2. Toilet paper – this really goes in tandem with the indoor pluming. If it wasn’t for toilet paper, we’d all be a little uncomfortable or would have the strong possibility of a weird itchy rash on our parts from accidentally cleaning up with poison oak!
  3. Running – I’m grateful for running and all it has done for me. It has pushed me beyond what I thought my limits were, has proven to me that I am capable of things I never thought possible and it has brought amazing friendships in to my life.

    At one of my first races
    At one of my first races
  4. My health – I am grateful that my body is healthy and strong. So many of us take our health for granted and we shouldn’t!
  5. The wick away fabric – To the inventors at Under Armour, Nike Dri-Fit, Adidas, New Balance, ect ect… that you so much for working on advancements in the field of sweat removal technology from myself and all athletes out there. I think of you all on each run and give you thanks during the last Savasana after 90 minutes of Bikram.
  6. My sister Ka-Ka – She is the only person who knows what I am talking about most of the time and can understand the importance of counterspace!
  7. My Other Sister – Who keeps me from being murdered by potential suitors by arming me with rape whistles, safety kittys and her google ninja skills to make sure they are legit (and some of them have been pretty shady!)
  8. My Job – It keeps me out of trouble for a few hours a day and some change in my pocket to do things like eat and pay rent
  9. RunDisney – This many seem strange but if it wasn’t for the opportunity to run in a theme park, I probably never would have taken an interest in running, nor would I have kept up with it as much as I have.
  10. My Mom – She brought me in to this world and there have been many times she’s want to knock me out of it, but as crazy as she drives me, I’m grateful she is always there for me at the drop of a hat.

    mom & me
    mom & me
  11. Coffee – I’m grateful for coffee, my work area coffee shop, Gregory’s and the good people who work there.
  12. My DVR – When ever I think about my DVR, I think of that quote in the film You’ve Got Mail (although Frank is talking about his VCR it is totally relevant) “Technologically speaking, the world’s out of hand. Take the VCR. The whole idea of a VCR is that it makes it possible for you to tape what’s on television while you’re out of the house. But the whole point of being out of the house is so you can miss what’s on television.” It’s a catch 22, but I love having the back up!
  13. JoeManganiello – because really, he is so nice to look at

  14. My apartment – I have a roof over my (and Cuff Turtle’s) head. It isn’t much, but it is my personal space and I am very grateful for it.
  15. My car – I love my car. Ka-Ka gave it the name Herbert J. Ichabob (yes, Ichabob, not IchaboD). It gets me where I need to go when my feet can’t!
  16. My friends – I really have a large, diverse, and widespread army of Souzapalooza supporters. I am grateful to each of them and their impact on my life.
  17. Bikram Yoga – for 90 minutes I leave my comfort zone and focus on me for a change.
  18. Boo Bear, Big Man & The Judge – My nieces and nephew who I adore greatly and remind me to strive to be my best so I can be the kind of the role model they deserve.

    Big Man, The Judge, & Boo Bear
    Big Man, The Judge, & Boo Bear
  19. Water – I drink water all day long (Hydration is key for Bikram Yogis!) I love me some high quality H2O and I am fortunate to live somewhere that it is both clean and accessible.
  20. My gift of gab – Although both my sisters will tell you this is a curse, my ability to chat it up all sorts of people has been a blessing. I have met many different people and had many wonderful adventures thanks to my chatting amongst strangers
  21. My Blog – Because how else would I be able to share all these wonderful things with you?



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