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HRM Queen Elizabeth addressing the royal subjects of Sterling Village
HRM Queen Elizabeth addressing the royal subjects of Sterling Village

Yesterday, Ka-Ka, Irish Kat and I spent the day floating around between 14th and 17th century at the New York Renaissance Faire in Tuxedo Park, NY. The NY Renaissance Faire has been open, rain or shine, for the past 37 years. Under the monarchy of HRM Queen Elizabeth, Renaissance Faire Village (aka Sterling Village) spans across 65 acres of land and includes 20 different stages, where 125 different performances take place through the day (which are all included with in the price of admission). According to the website, there are 75 costumed actors, 20 independent specialty acts, and over 100 crafts people as well as the over 10,000 daily visitors that come to visit, often in costume. This past weekend was Barbarian Weekend, so there were a lot of “uncivilized” tribal men and women marching through Sterling Village.

Vixens En Guard - Athena, Calypso, and Atalanta
Vixens En Guard – Athena, Calypso, and Atalanta

There is a ton of entertainment scheduled to keep you busy throughout the day, just incase people watching, shopping the endless array of artisan crafts, and savoring the food and drink options isn’t enough for you. In addition to the entertainment acts, there are jousting tournaments, living chess matches, not to mention interactions with Robin Hood, the Sheriff of Nottingham and the Queen’s court. There are a lot of different shows to see, singers, poets, plays, and comedic acts. Ka-Ka, Irish Kat and I tend to shows that are on the ‘naughtier side’; the ones deemed PG-13 and R rated. We attended two performances from Vixens En Guard. They are a trio of Shakespearean swordswomen with naughty sense of humors. We saw their interpretation of both Hamlet and Coriolanus. Both entertaining and amusing…if you know what I mean (their catch phrase to make anything seem a bit naughtier). On par with the empowering of women vibe at the fair was the team of Tilly & Dolores performing at the Washing Well Wenches show. These wash women are hysterical. The audience gets to participate in a great show and receive good washing! Not to be outdone, Iris & Rose performing toasts, limerick, and songs unfit for proper ladies, but perfect for beer drinking wenches like us!

Marshall Laww's Cock & Bull Show - Next up for Auction, a Sea Captain!
Marshall Laww’s Cock & Bull Show – Next up for Auction, a Sea Captain!

We also went and saw “The Creepy Bard” perform his set of songs inappropriate for children. He was hysterical! You need to go take a trip to his Ye Old Youtube page and check out some of his performances. However, I think the best performance of the day may have been from a seasoned Ren Faire performer with a new show. Marshall Laww’s Cock N Bull Show is the perfect place to win yourself a wench or servant at the “Rent-A-Peasant” Auction. For example, we saw a pretty young “farmer’s daughter” from the audience to be auctioned to the audience who would yell out their offers of farm animal or what ever other barter item Marshall Laww deemed fitting. Incidentally, she was worth two sheep and a pig at auction!

There is one last weekend left in this season, so if you are free, make your way up to Tuxedo Park and enjoy a day in the Renaissance!



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