Chance Encounters and the Space Time Continuum

Tonight I’m going to a screening of Back to the Future at the Alamo Drafthouse. I have always loved Back to the Future. I actually saw this film in the theater with my parents back in 1985. I remember that we missed the first few minutes of the film and my dad fell asleep promptly after getting settled in our seats. For a while, my dad thought the Back to the Future was about Libyans trying to steal a Delorean. Yeah, that is not what it is about. I should alert you that there are spoilers contained in this post so if you haven’t seen this movie in the 29 years it has been available to own, rent or watch on both basic and pay cable, stop reading my blog and seriously go see it. I mean honestly, if you’ve NEVER seen Back to the Future, I’m not even sure I want you reading my blog. I think you need to reevaluate some of your life choices.

Back to the Future really drives home the thought that you never know how one chance encounter can have a tangible impact on the course of your life. In the ‘original’ 1955, recapped to the McFly children by Loraine McFly while they all eat pizza watching Honeymooners reruns, Lorraine’s dad hit George with his car. Lorraine felt bad for him and decided to go with him to the Enchantment Under the Sea dance, where they kissed for the first time and knew they would spend the rest of their lives together. Little did they realize, they’d be living in Lyon Estates with three kids and George is still being pushed around by high school bully turned manager, Biff Tannen, 30 years later. The McFlys seem to be going through the motions of marriage. Lorraine seems to be a bit of a drinker, and George is a push over doing Biff’s reports for work. Marty even comments to Doc Brown how there is nothing his parents like doing together.

Marty getting transported to 1955 and consequently getting in the way of his parents first meeting, sets up the plot line of how to get George and Lorraine to fall in love in an alternate way, and ultimately Marty returns back to the future. As movies usually do, Marty manages to fix things, however when he return to 1985, things seem to be better for the McFly Family. Although they still live in Lyon Estates, their home seems to be a bit nicer. When Marty awakes, he sees the living room much brighter with newer furniture. He finds his brother and sister having breakfast; looking a bit more put together than they did before Marty when back to 1955. His brother is dressed in a suit*, rather than his Burger King uniform. His sister, seems to have a full dance card of men calling her, rather than sitting around on a Friday night bitching about how she never meets anyone. George and Lorraine seem to have a much healthier relationship, very much connected and in love, enjoying tennis together and very interested in their children’s lives. George has even written a sci-fi book, something he would have never had the confidence (or time considering how much of Biff’s work he was doing) to take on such an endeavor.

I often wonder when I meet people, be it person I chat with while waiting for yoga class or on-line at Marshall’s, if something they say has launched my life in to another path and direction? Did the person who cut me off and get me stuck at the red light completely change the course of my life thanks to one poorly executed lane change? What if that guy in the life preserver drinking coffee at the diner, is the person to change the course of my life? Be open to the possibility!

The person sitting next to you could change your fate!


*Marty’s brother has a line where he says “I always wear a suit to the office”. What kind of office are your working at on a Saturday, Dave, you smug son of a bitch!?!



One thought on “Chance Encounters and the Space Time Continuum”

  1. luckily for me I saw back to the future when it was released so I can continue to read your blog. and I want a Delorean, because it is cool and I want to time travel.

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