Change The World With A Few Small Steps

IMG_2049Yesterday DJ Cool and I went for a cup of coffee in the afternoon. It must have been a crazy day for a lot of people because our local coffee shop was packed! It is a small space to begin with, and the fact that there were around 15-20 customers milling about didn’t help. DJ Cool and I stood patiently as about eight people filed their way out when I realized something very profound. Of those people, only two of them said “thank you” to us for holding the door. Seriously? When did we become a society of savages? Is it so hard to extend some manners, albeit common courtesy and say thank you?

As I got dressed this morning, I listened to people calling in to the local radio station to recount their memories of the events surrounding 9/11 and how they recalled the feeling of love and support for each other in the days after. The support for victims and volunteers, stranger helping stranger, bonding together, such beautiful gestures and testament to the resilience of the human spirit in uncertain times. How did we fall so far in 13 years that we barely acknowledge someone doing us a simple courtesy of holding a door or passing us the milk?

Look around. No one smiles at each other anymore. No one talks to their neighbors. Everyone is so sucked in to what’s going on on twitter or Facebook rather than actually living their lives. We live in isolation, wearing our head phones, burying our faces in our iPhones, and ignoring life around us.

Today, I give you and assignment; I want you to put down your phones, take off your headphones and interact with the people around you. Smile at everyone as you walk down the street. Start a conversation with your local barista (as long as there isn’t a huge line, if there is, maybe just thank them for the coffee and wish them a great day). Hold the door for someone, I can’t guarantee they will say thank you, but at least you will have done your part to make the world a nicer place today. Change starts from within. You never know what wonderful things can happen from a small change.

Let me know what positive interaction you made towards your fellow human today and what results it produced in the comments section below.


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