Sweet Tooth Tamers

Goofy's Candy Machine at Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party (2012)
Goofy’s Candy Machine during the Halloween Parade at Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party (2012)

It has been a little over a week and I’ve been doing pretty well sticking to my diet and exercise. Bringing my lunches to work has been helping me not only to manage my intake, but my cash outflow as well. My biggest challenge, as always, is to find ways to curb my sweet tooth. As I’ve mentioned before, ice cream/frozen yogurt tend to be my kryptonite. Here are some things that have been working for me that might work for some of you who may be struggle with your sweet tooth as well.

  • Frozen Grapes
    • This little gem I discovered after a Bikram Yoga class one day. They had little cups of frozen grapes portioned out for all the students as a post class reward. They are both refreshing and delicious. Plus, because they are frozen, you can’t just chow down on a bunch at once. The coldness forces you to eat them slowly and really savor them as a treat.
  • Dole Dippers
    • I’ve mentioned my delight with this new product from Dole. I have seen both strawberry and banana in my local Stop & Shop’s freezer section. They are perfectly portioned to curb the craving for something sweet
  • Protein Shakes with LOTS of ice
    • I find adding ice to my shakes helps them to be more frothy and a little more milkshake like making it easier to pretend its a treat rather than protein. However, I really can’t complain. My protein tastes amazing, and not thick and chalky like others I have had
  • Quest Bars
    • Quest bars really help me get through a lot of things. I will have them as a mid morning snack to help me not get “hangry” before I get to lunch. I will have them pre-workout when I don’t have time/want to eat a full meal. I will have them post work out as my source of protein. I will also make treats from them. Quest Nutrition has a great youtube channel with all sorts of recipe uses for their bars.
  • Water
    • When the feeling for something sweet, or even just hunger in general, I have a glass of water first to see if I am really hungry, or if I am just shoving something in my mouth to make up for another issue (ie, stress, emotions, boredom, ect) This also helps me keep my hydration levels up on the days I do Bikram.
  • Gum & TicTacs
    • Sometimes I’m really just looking to clear my palate and not necessarily fill my belly. Reaching for gum or tictacs (orange are my favorite) will help the moment pass.

Next time the cravings start to call, try one of these and let me know how it works out for you.


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