Hope for the Best, Prepare for the Worst

Today was a very challenging day. There was a restructuring at my company and many of my colleagues were let go from their positions. In my past experiences, I have been through a collective total of 5 rounds of lay offs. They are a horrible experience for everyone. As I discussed with one of my coworkers who also survived the carnage of the day, those of us who remain have “survivor’s guilt”, happy we still had jobs but sad and guilty about the fact that our colleagues no longer do. It is especially hard when those you truly came to admire and respect are among the group who you will no longer see regularly. I know one colleague, who occasionally reads The Souzapalooza Blog, will be sorely missed by myself and all of us who enjoyed his booming voice and jovial attitude on our side of the office. I hope that he, and all those who were let go, find new and rewarding positions swiftly.

Between the stress and anxiety of what was going on around me, I managed to stick to my plan today. Before leaving the house, I had my breakfast shake and the half of protein bar that I didn’t finish last night. I snacked on 1/4 cup of almonds at my desk around 10:30/11am. Around noon, one of the management assistants needed a break from the office tensions and wanted to grab lunch. I took the walk with her and quickly felt myself being swayed by the allure of the wafting aromas of the Cuban restaurant I introduced her to. It all looked so delicious and smelled so good. I felt like I was going to buckle like a belt…but I didn’t.

I silently reminded myself that I had dinner plans with SK2 and had planned a lunch that would allow me to have a (somewhat) unrestricted meal with her this evening. So I patiently waited away from the food ordering area for my colleague. I took the opportunity to detach myself from the temptation of emotionally eating the day away. I had a perfectly good, yet repetitive, lunch of mini meatloafs, cauliflower, and cucumbers sans dressing to sustain me till dinner time.

SK2 texted me in the afternoon saying how she was looking forward to dinner and was hoping I’d keep her accountable to make a healthy decision come dinner time. This made me feel even better that I didn’t succumb to a hearty helping of pernil with rice and beans. At dinner, SK2 and I agreed to have the bread basket sent back. At dessert time, when the waiter offered and extra spoon so I could sample her gelato, she asked if I wanted it sent away so I wasn’t tempted (although welcomed) to sample her gelato. These are such small things, but support from the people around me make it a million times easier for me to make a smarter decision.

If you happen to be in the Irvington, NY area, I recommend dinner at Mima Vinoteca on Main Street. SK2 had a beautiful serving of skirt steak with a side of roasted cauliflower and fingerling potatoes, some of which she will be having a lunch tomorrow. I opted for the wild salmon with asparagus, spring onion, red quinoa and a Meyer lemon puree which was amazing. If you don’t want to go on the recommendation of an inconsistent blogger like myself, take a chance by grabbing their groupon. The food is incredible and their wine list is massive. Take a chance!


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