Come On Get Happy (or Happier)!

happy_faceToday is April Fool’s Day, a chance to prank your friends and coworkers for a good laugh. Most get a chuckle, even those who are the “victims” of the prank; however, I have a better way to make you all smile, laugh and feel happier overall. I’ve been using a new app that I think everyone should download. My friend, Mr Shirley Temple, turned me on to it. It is simply called Happier.

Created by Nataly Kogan, the Happier app (and the Happier website as well – is what she calls “a life appreciation platform”. She actually gave a wonderful TED Talk called “How Pancakes Can Make You Happier And Change The World” If you have 15 minutes, you should click here and watch it. As explained on the Happier website, Nataly “learned to stop saying, ‘I’ll be happy when…’ and became inspired to shift her perspective to ‘I am happy now because….'”. Her research found that focusing on small positive moments, can change how positively we feel. If you do this consistently, you can actually feel better not only mentally but physically as well. Happiness is contagious, so sharing your happiness with others will actually help them to be happier.

It works similarly to Facebook. There are three types of news feeds – “Friends”, “Featured”, and “Nearby”.  The “Friends” feed is made up of happy moments from people you follow (like friending on Facebook). The “Featured” Feed are users moments, picked by the Happier team, to inspire others. The “Nearby” feed consists of moments from users who are, well, near by like the name says! When there is a happy moment shared by a user, you can “smile” at it, as you would “like” something on Facebook. You can also comment on the person’s happy moment, giving them a little extra pep to their happy moment. In addition, there is a “me too” button which basically shares that moment to your feed and followers. You can also tag other Happier users in your moments to share the love.

I’ve been using the app for a few weeks now, and I have to say, I do feel a slight bit happier! I have a few “real life” friends who use it. I’ve also made a few “happier” friends; people who regularly follow my happy moments and smile or comment on them. It’s a great platform to get happy with. Honestly, how many times can you listen to the Pharell’s Happy song before you go insane? Maybe I want to be a room WITH a roof – I mean, I would think that is a way more useful room to have especially if it is raining! There has to be another way to be Happy besides listening to him on repeat!

So come on, get Happier!



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