Girls, We Run the World! (Sometimes In Tutus)

This week there has been a lot of buzz in the running world, as well as main stream media, about Self Magazine mocking a cancer survivor who wore a tutu as she completed last years LA Marathon. (If you haven’t heard about this controversy, you can read more about it here) Here is my take on the story…

Monika Allen's Photo featured in Self (Photo:
Monika Allen’s Photo featured in Self (

First, Monika Allen (Wonder Woman in a Tutu) truely lives up to her superhero persona. Monika was in the midst of chemotherapy for brain cancer and managed to complete the whole marathon! There are “healthy” people who have never even bothered to get their bottoms off the couch to even try to run around the block and this amazing woman, fighting brain cancer is out there giving it her all. AMAZEBALLS! I feel as though if the people at Self had been aware /alerted of that when they had recieved Monika’s photo, they most likely would have commended her fortutude like so many of us who have heard the story now do.

Secondly, Monika and her friend are obviously making their marathon fun, by dressing as superheros, complete with tutus! What’s wrong with that? Running is supposed to be FUN! A marathon is a true test of stregnth and endurance, anything you can do to make it a more enjoyable experience should be done; as long as it doesn’t hurt or offend you or the others on the course with you. If that is wearing a tutu, tiara, wings, or a cowboy hat while you do it, so be it!

The Flash & I ran as "Andy's Toys" - Woody and Buzz - Why? Because it was FUN!
The Flash & I ran as “Andy’s Toys” – Woody and Buzz – Why? Because it was FUN!

Tutus and Sparkle Skirts are common sights at many of the races I attend. As you can see, The Flash is wearing one as part of her Buzz Lightyear costume. I wore one for the Disney Princess 1/2 and the Rock N Roll 1/2 in Las Vegas. I expect that I will see a lot come April, when I participate in the More/Fitness Women’s 1/2 in Central Park.

I’m really looking forward to the More/Fitness Women’s Half. It is the largest WOMEN’S ONLY half in the US. I’ve never ran a half that is only women. A lot of people think that the Princess 1/2 is women only, but actually there are a lot of Prince Charmings (and Prince Phillips, Prince Erics, Prince Alis /Aladins, ect) I don’t think a lot of people realize that women participating in long distance running events has only been happening for the past 44 years. It was originally believed that women were not physically capable of running a marathon, or at least that is what Roberta Gibb was told when she attempted to enter the Boston Marathon in 1966. She hid in the bushes and ‘unofficially’ ran the Boston course in 3:21:25. The following year, Katherine Switzer entered the Boston Marathon under the name “K.V. Switzer” and was practically attacked by race officials. Women were only allowed to officially enter the Boston Marathon starting in 1972. Having a women’s only half is actually pretty cool for all the participants.

I think one of the best parts of this women’s only race is that it is not just a run, but rather a run/walk opportunity. This is great for novice runners. There will be women from all age ranges and backgrounds coming together for a common goal of completing a half marathon. If you have never taken on a half, this might be the perfect one for you. You can run a much of the race as you can, and always slow down and walk the miles you cant run! Although there is a 4 hour time limit, which is equal to a 18 minute mile which is a pace most people can maintain.


SK2 and I will be running this race together (The Flash has a wedding to attend). There are 9,998 spots for the rest of you ladies, so come join us April 13th in Central Park! Don’t get shut out of this amazing opportunity! You can register here at  Hope to see you all there! Wear your tutus and sparkle skirts!


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