Membership Has Its Privileges

I was thinking the other day, that a friendship is really a privilege. It’s a membership to an exclusive club – the Souzapalooza Friend Club

I am allowing someone the privilege of getting to know me, to spend time with me, and to enjoy my company. I am allowing them the privilege of my support, advice, rapport, and love. Of course, in a healthy friendship, this privilege is reciprocated. I should receive the same benefits from the friend I’m doing those things for. Most friendships are based on trust, mutual respect, and common interests.

As you grow, change, and evolve as a person, you expect your friendships to follow suit, but that doesn’t always happen. Some times friendships fade away naturally, but some times we cling to them and keep trying to make them work. How do you decide it is time to let them go?

Friendship shouldn’t be a chore. It should be something you look forward to, you feel good about, something you want to be part of. If you aren’t feeling that way about the people you are keeping company with, it might be time to figure out why and if it is worth the effort to try and repair.



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